Wednesday, August 6, 2008

(updated) sweet release (disclaimer)

Sweet Release (disclaimer)

I am sorry,
but I have got to go.
You can tell my mother
that I love her so.

I am sorry,
but these memories
and the endless pain
are just too much.

I am sorry,
these pills I must take
I know my families heart
will just break.

I am sorry
you have to come and
collect my things,
it should of happened a long time ago.

I am sorry,
I put off the inevitable
and caused myself too much pain
in the process.

I am sorry,
tell my father
he's still fucked up from Hitler
but then again so am I.

I am sorry
I have to reincarnate,
But this life,
is too full of painful strife.

I am sorry
I have to die,
but then again you will
never know what happened.

Fuck it.

(For anyone reading this--writing helps me deal with painful emotions when nothing else helps. I am not suicidal, suicide is not an option for me. If anyone out there is suicidal-get help. There is always free counseling available in every city as long as you know where to look. Attempting suicide takes years to undo. The pain that you cause your soul is almost unbearable. So for those that think about attempting it for the attention-don't. Get Help. It is always darkest right before the dawn.)

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