Friday, June 29, 2012

The Past of my Soul

The Past of my Soul.

(The above picture is of two of my distant family members in Germany during the early 1900's, possible WWI or before.)

The Picture above looks a lot like me, esp since my sex change reassignment to male from female. Which started 4 years ago. My spirit soul was on the earth plane at this time in one of my past lives in America since the 1600's, but in particular I was in my WWI lifetime that took place from the late 1890's to 1918 (I died in the war). But it is so amazing how much the man in this picture looks like me now. War is stupid, I fought my family in this life in two wars, world war one and world war two. My dad in this lifetime was born in Germany in 1941, I was alive then in my next lifetime after I died in WWI, I was married and living in New York City, where I also spent my WWI lifetime, more on that later though.

My past lives are known extensively by me and I plan on writing screen plays on MANY of them eventually. All of them are incredibly awesome and some of them quite important as far as the history of the earth plane goes. Some very famous ones, people you have heard of you can bet your life on that. Everywhere I went people on the street and in public always paid a lot of attention to me, no one every messed with me and everyone was quite generous with me and is on a daily basis. I have always felt super famous but not in the regular sense, but that too which is in my distant past and future too.

This picture is of my Grandfather in Germany during the 1930's. He was a hero of the German people and humanity. He was conscripted to run a POW camp for Russian soldiers in an area of Germany that is now bordered by Poland. My father use to play on the farm that the camp was on and my aunt had her life saved as a little girl by a Russian Soldier when she fell under a log pile in the field.

My grandfather got in trouble for treating the prisoners too good and was stripped of his rank and sent to the Russian Front, where eventually he was captured and lived out the rest of the war in an Russian POW camp, which wasnt easy, but luckily he was transferred to an American prison camp before the end of the war in a prisoner exchange. He was lucky to have been able to make that move, many Germans FEARED the POW camps the Russians ran, most of the Germans spent many years as a laborer even after the war, if they didnt get killed in the beginning of the eventualy surrender and retreat of Hitler's armies in Russia.

The above picture is of my Grandfather during Training when he was conscripted in the army. He got out of combat at first because he had a large family and was a little bit older than a young recruit. For some reason the Nazi govt wanted my grandfather to deploy in country at a higher rank than would be normal for a conscripted man like him with a family.

My grandfather was a good man caught up in a crazy time with a large 7 kid family as a young man. He did what he could to help those his country was fighting against domestically and internationally. He paid the price for it too, but not the highest price, I guess the Nazi govt wanted him to live, that or his superiors respected that fact that he had 7 young children, the oldest being my Aunt, the one I mentioned above who got saved by the Russian soldier.

My grandfather in better days below somewhere in Germany! Love that 1930's style!

(My Grandfather is the man on the Left!)

"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New DVDs I added to my collection

I am an huge collector of classic film DVD's, mostly films from the 1960's on down. I also collect classic TV shows. Not all my video and DVD's are older films, I also buy newer films that I like, mostly comic book films, James Bond series, movies on historical subjects, western and war movies and any other films that I might be interested in. In the past week or so I added some films to my collection that I have wanted to for a long time. here is the list of DVDs I recently purchased. The Spy Collection- A box set of TV shows from the 1960's and 1970's out of England. This set includes a collection of episodes from 4 shows: The Prisoner The Persuaders The Champions The Protectors The Persuaders is the stand out show here which starred Roger Moore and Tony Curtis as private detectives who travel the world doing jobs for a rich benefactor. This show is really good and watching these two actors together is really entertaining, I am a big fan of both. The Protectors is another private Detective show with Robert Vaughn. this show is actually pretty good and features two other main characters-one a woman and one a man who take jobs in order to help and protect the innocent. A very cool show indeed. The Prisoner is an amazing spy drama that was hugely popular when it premiered and has a huge cult following today. This is the only show in the set in which only 3 episodes are present. the other shows have at least 16 episodes of each. The Prisoner only had around 13 or so episodes in total and all can be purchased on DVD, I happen to have all the episodes, some on DVD, some on VHS and 4 of them downloaded from the internet. The other shows in the set was the reason I bought the dvd set in the first place. The Champions I have yet to watch but the premise of the show is the three main characters are operators of a top-secret international agency that in a heroic fashion race to all corners of the world in the pursuit of justice and world peace. This set is available off Amazon and Ebay and is basically a set introducing these shows to you. They are not full seasons but the first episodes of each show is featured. It is worth the price and I paid 10 dollars used at half price books, discounted down from 25 dollars. Last I checked Amazon had it from 10 dollars or more used and new. Pre-Code Hollywood Collection This is the second set I bought a few days ago from Half Price books. It features 6 pre-code movies from the early 1930's. Stars include Cary Grant, Claudette Colbert, Sylvia Sidney, Fredric March, Tallulah Bankhead, Nancy Carroll and Randolph Scott. Movies in the set are: The Cheat Merrily We go To Hell Hot Saturday Torch Singer Murder at the Vanities Search For Beauty the set also includes an enveloped copy of the actual written code that came into effect in the mid 1930's. It is a very neat special feature. I bought the set at Half Price Books for 15 dollars but is listed at Amazon and Ebay for 17 dollars or more new and used depending on when you look at it. I have seen it go down to at least 12 dollars before shipping. I havent watched any of these but I do own the video of Murder at the Vanities and that movie is very good. I am a huge fan of pre-codes so I know I will love this set. Return to Lonesome Dove This 2 disc sets features one of the installments of the Lonesome Dove miniseries. I love westerns and got into this series when I bought the prequel called Comanche Moon The Lonesome Dove series is about Texas Rangers and their lives and loves in the old west period of Texas. It started out with Lonesome Dove and then returned with the prequel Comanche Moon, which is VERY well done and one of the best western miniseries I have ever seen. It tackles many subjects not in the other Lonesome Dove series and is really quite good. Return to Lonesome Dove is the sequel to the first installment. It is a 2 disc collection featuring almost 400 minutes of footage. I have yet to watch it but if its as good as Comanche Moon, I am sure I will love this one too! I bought this for 3 dollars at Half Price Books and is going on Amazon for 3 dollars or more used and new. Today I picked up two VHS tapes. La Strada is the great black and white movie directed by Fredrico Fellini and stars Anthony Quinn, Richard Basehart and Fredrico Fellini's wife in her first starring role. This is a must see classic from Italy that won over 50 awards from various film festivals when it came out. This video is brought to you by the great Janus films. I paid 2 dollars for this film and have never seen it before. and By the Light of the Silvery Moon which stars Doris Day and Gordon MacRae. This movie is part of the huge VHS collection known as the Doris Day Collection form Warner Bros. I love Doris Day and have MANY of her films of VHS tape and a bunch of DVD too. I paid 1 dollar for this video. Both were bought at Half Price Books. The next two DVD's I bought were recent films. The Polar Express from Disney starring Tom Hanks and The Great Debaters starring and directed by Denzel Washington and also starring Forest Whitaker. I have always wanted to see this movie about an all black debating team based on a true story. It is a period piece. Lastly I joined the Disney Movie Club and recieved my first 5 movies that I got for signing up for the dvd club. I love Disney movies, esp the live action films from the 1960's and 1970's. Disney Movie's on DVD are quite expensive and by joining this club I saved myself some money. The titles I got speak for themselves! UP Ratatouille Maters Tall Tales X-Men Volume 2 --based on the cartoon from the mid 90's, this is basically season 2. Davy Crockett 2 movie set featuring Davy Crockett and the Wild Frontier and Davy Crockette and the River Pirates. -- This series is based on the GREAT Disney TV show starring Fess Parker and Buddy Epsen. I actually own season 3 of this show and it is one of the best TV shows ever made, they seriously dont make them like that anymore! I also picked up a season 2 and 3 box set of the cult hit from the UK called The Tomorrow People from 1975. this show is basically a show about super humans with super human powers. It is a little dated but actually quite good. I only paid 3 dollars for this set at half price books on sale. From Amazon---"More than just gifted teens, John, Elizabeth, and Stephen continue their galactic adventures in THE TOMORROW PEOPLE: SET TWO-four discs filled with all 26 episodes from the third, fourth and fifth seasons of the sci-fi cult classic. THE TOMORROW PEOPLE represent the next step in human evolution, Homo superiors able to move objects, travel through space and communicate using only their minds! But with these extraordinary powers comes great responsibility-namely protecting the galaxy from diabolical forces of evil and helping new Tomorrow People breakout. Assisted by the supercomputer Tim, THE TOMORROW PEOPLE once again save the planet, the galaxy, and the universe from certain disaster. Introduced to British audiences in the 1970s, THE TOMORROW PEOPLE distinguished itself for its diverse cast, unforgettable sets, smart plots, and taut action sequences. Available on DVD for the first time, this edition contains all twenty-six episodes from the third, fourth, and fifth seasons, plus exclusive bonus features. DVD Features: Commentary with Nicholas Young, Peter Vaughn-Clarke, and Ann Curthoys on "Secret Weapon"; The Origins of THE TOMORROW PEOPLE Part 2; Cast Biographies; Interactive Menus; Scene Selection" Well that is all for now. I am constantly buying Video tapes and DVD's every week online and in stores. I am literally an expert on them and am VERY GOOD at finding the best deals and the best prices! "Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Don't Blame the Jews for all of the Problems of the World.

The actions of the zionists have fallen on the heads of all jews by people who dont know better than to blame all of the jews for the problems of the world. Its not the Jews that are the problem, its the zionist NWO scum who are of all religions and all races. Jews were kicked out of 94 countries not because of their actions but their inaction and tribe like nature because of the fear and prejudices of those around then who were of a different religion and race. For thousands of years the jews were kicked around until finally a group became fanatical on making society pay for the crimes against their people over the centuries. Those people became zionists and bankers and killed their own people in WWII for their own endgame. The zionists never got kicked out it was the poor real jews who were blamed unjustly for things that someone with the same label did and sometimes not even that, sometimes it was just an age old prejudice based on CLASS and RELIGIOUS differences that led to the jews being tossed out from every land on the planet. The actions of prejudiced and hateful people and their leaders led to the rise of the zionists and the Jewish need for revenge, which really isnt even the common jew or the religious jew. You have to understand centuries of being kicked around for NO little to no reason kind of gives a whole people a need to make someone pay for what was done to them. The jewish people like those zionists in the NWO need to forgive what was done because it has made them just like the people who hurt them creating situations where the Israeli govts against the will of the people slaughter and destroy innocent civlians in Palestine because of a deep for revenge for the wrongs of the past. This is a very deep issue based on historical wrongs before WWII even happened and is really a deep psychological issue that needs to be understood. Here is a lesson for everyone–hate and prejudice just leads to more hate and prejudice, love and understanding breeds love and understanding. This planet is in deep with the dark energies set forth by disgusting demonic entities banished here millions of years ago during the wars in Heaven.

"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."