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Me and John F. Kennedy

Video of me messing around while a record of JFK speaking is in the background. This is a test video I made to test my video equipment.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One picture is worth a thousand words.

Memories of the Holocaust-Scheisshaus Luck

This is a great series of videos with this amazing man talking about his experiences of being in a concentration camp during world war 2.

Here they are for your viewing education.
May tyranny like this never happen again!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

First Mortal Kombat Commercial from 1993-my first acting job.

This was my first ever professional acting job in 1993 when I was living in NYC. At 4 seconds into the commercial, after the first video game screen shot, I walk by on the left hand corner, leading the pack with a leather jacket and stocking cap. I still have that same hat. Hahaha.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Kim Punkrock On TCM

Me on Turner Classic Movies!

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Presidential Election: One Giant Fraud

Presidential Election: One Giant Fraud

Devvy Kidd
News With Views
October 14, 2008

My last column on hold your nose and vote brought a ton of email. Americans are clearly going ballistic over McCain and Obama being their ‘only choices’. Some people sent mail accusing me of trying to get Obama elected by promoting a write in effort for Ron Paul, i.e.,: "Devvy, you write a good argument against McCain and Obama but your answer to vote for a write in does not cut it."

What did I say about a write in which appeared at the very end of my column? "Americans who intend to vote for Chuck Baldwin or write in Ron Paul’s name are being called traitors by their fellow Americans." Somehow in Linda’s mind, my answer to the hold your nose and vote trap is a write in campaign, which I never wrote. What I pointed out is that Americans who choose to vote their conscience are called traitors. How American is that? This is reminiscent of a blasting, thousand word email I received from a woman who accused me of being a bigot for "slamming" Sarah Palin’s religion. What have I written about Palin’s religion? One sentence: "This is a short video of Palin’s speech and those statements at her former church; I believe its called Pentecostal Fundamentalist." This apparently constitutes bigotry.

Others were incensed and accused me of trying to split the vote by encouraging people to vote for a third party which would hand the election to Obama. For this, I was branded traitor in those emails. No where in my column did I encourage anyone to do anything with their vote. This reminds me of Rod Serling’s classic, You are now entering the Twilight Zone. I suppose I will be blamed for McCain’s bizarre behavior and his campaign sinking this past week faster than Wall Street.

The point of my column was that here we are again four years later singing the same refrain: hold your nose and vote. The question is: how did America end up with Obama and McCain? Top of the list is ignorant voters. These are Americans who have zero understanding of the issues, the constitution or the founding of this nation. If you watch this short video, you will see how ordinary Americans explain why they’re voting for a particular candidate. It goes without saying that I think Howard Stern is a a foul mouthed individual of the first order, but listen to this brief audio of interviews conducted in Harlem. Do sit down or you’re likely to fall down in shock.

If you think these examples are an anomaly, you would be dead wrong. How can the American people be so uninformed, so accepting of the propaganda being shoved down their throats by politicians and blindly begging for totalitarian government? The public indoctrination centers called schools. For forty years, America’s children have been so dumbed down and bred to cattle mentality, they know nothing about the issues, only sound bites and what their party "leadership" tells them. Point the herd in the desired direction, apply the prod and get the desired results.

Today these products of the dumbing down system are voting along with huge numbers of illegal aliens. Millions of Americans listen to talk show hosts who don’t know what they’re talking about; left or right, they simply shill for their party. People like shallow Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Rachel Maddow are dangerous because their agenda is party driven while the law of the land is completely ignored.

* A d v e r t i s e m e n t
* Obama - The Postmodern Coup

It will be a great tragedy beyond measure for this country if Obama is put in the White House. It will only be slightly less tragic if it’s Juan McCain. With voter registration fraud, illegals voting and high tech fraud, no one really knows who won the primaries or who the shadow government will pick next month.

Besides the ignorance of voters who represent the mob with their hands out to mother government, and voting based on skin color, the number one problem is vote fraud, an issue I have been writing and speaking about since 1993. For the past week, the airwaves and radio talk shows have been charged with all the information coming out about ACORN and voter registration. In my last column, I provided links to many of them; the new ones are below. There can be no question that voter registration fraud played a major role in the primaries as well as electronic voting machines and scanners.

Obama came out of nowhere to suddenly become the front runner for the Democrats along side Hillary Clinton. The field started out with many like Biden, Byah, Edwards and others; the puppet masters ultimately decided on two candidates who promote the same agenda and non solutions. Hillary for the women and sissy men’s vote, Obama for the Negro vote and caucasians who suffer from "white guilt." Allegedly, those two garnered almost 35 million votes, split almost even.

On the Republican side, the mix was something for everyone: Brother Huckabee, Flip Romney, the laid back, Fred Thompson, gangster money man, Rudy Julie Annie and a few others. Ron Paul, of course, was never considered a candidate by his own party. Then we have Juan McCain who was written off as comatose and no chance in Hell of winning anything more than one or two primaries much less the nomination. By July 2007, McCain’s campaign manager was working without pay and McCain’s campaign was cash broke. April 15, 2008, his campaign was still running on empty, even though Super Tuesday and most primaries were over, McCain’s "popularity" didn’t open wallets.

Out of no where, McCain became the easiest fake conservative to sell even though the Republican base clearly did not want him. Go look at all the press coverage about his campaign from summer 2007 right through the primaries. No one wanted McCain, primarily because of his relentless support of the illegals invasion and advocating endless "wars for peace and democracy." He couldn’t beg a dime on a street corner, but he supposedly got the majority of the votes:

Clinton and Obama allegedly received 35 million votes between them; the three establishment favorites for the Republicans about 18 1/2 million votes. Republicans were so excited about the choice of candidates, they stayed away from the primaries by the millions.

We know for a fact at this point that ACORN (unconstitutionally funded by the sweat of your labor thanks to the incumbents in Congress) was hired by Obama’s campaign to the tune of $800,000 to do voter registration. To sweeten the pot, in 2007, Obama promises to give ACORN a role in shaping his presidential agenda (2:36 video) He’s also indicated he would throw McCain a job in his administration - a position that would be the biggest slap in the face to vets since McCain sold out our POW/MIAs.

Ohio has been allowing people to register and vote without "meeting the state’s minimum registration requirements." What a sickening joke. With "quickie" voter registration, the potential for fraud is unlimited, never mind the ignorance of the voters. This one I caught on a boob tube interview from a female college student: "I’ve never voted before. I mean, this is cool. If we can get Obama to win in Ohio, that will be awesome." Last week, a federal judge stepped in and told the Democrat Secretary of State of Ohio, Jennifer Brunner, that she had to comply with federal law verifying voter registrations.

Too little, too late. ACORN has registered about one million "voters." Eleven states started voting more than a week before the ACORN blow out. It appears the FBI is now investigating ACORN under the RICO statutes, but it won’t stop the votes already cast from these phony registrations from being counted. Notice the ACORN cheats are in all the big "swing states."

Those following the primaries closely know vote fraud via electronic machines and/or scanners used in 24 states (proof - short video) and corrupt state officials (New Hampshire) understand why we have no idea who legally won these primaries for Congress, president, state legislatures. It is why we will have no idea who legally wins the White House next month; the same applies to Congress and the state houses. If the electoral college comes out a tie, it goes to the House of Representatives: "As directed by the 12th Amendment, the 435 — many of them brand new — members of the House of Representatives would find as their first official duty the selection of the next President of the United States."

There’s also the matter of Obama not being eligible because of citizenship requirements. The lawsuit filed by Phil Berg is so hot, the DNC and FEC are doing everything in their power with big money and big gun attorneys to get it thrown out of court instead of supplying a verifiable birth certificate.

There is no time left to purge the voter rolls in the 50 states, verify that voter registrations are valid, and as long as the machines and scanners count the votes in half the states, the upcoming election is nothing but one big fraud.

Everyone on the planet needs to watch this video.

David Icke-Live at the Oxford debating society-2008

Activists are now terrorists according to the Fascists that run our country.

Homeland Security Says Timothy McVeigh Isn’t a Terrorist, But Peace Activists Are

Will Potter
October 14, 2008

This is what fighting “terrorism” in this country has become.

Timothy McVeigh is responsible for the Oklahoma City Bombing, the deadliest act of terrorism in this country prior to 9/11, killing 168 people, but a Homeland Security official says he’s not a terrorist. Neither is Eric Rudolph, who killed two people and injured hundreds others in a bombing campaign against abortion and a “homosexual agenda.”

Pennsylvania’s Homeland Security Director James Powers said:

“Tim McVey [sic] is not a terrorist, just very angry with the U.S. government,” Powers said. “Whether a person is a terrorist or a criminal is irrelevant to me.”

You know whom he and the state police do consider terrorists? The Earth Liberation Front, Animal Liberation Front, and Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, even though actions by those groups have been “relatively minor,” by their admission. Those groups have never injured anyone, let alone killed hundreds, but the Pennsylvania state police is offering free, yes free, “risk and vulnerability assessments” for corporations to help protect their profits from pesky activists. [Sounds kind of like that leaked State Department presentation, doesn't it?]

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated, “news of the weird” kind of incident. It’s systemic.

The Maryland State Police have admitted classifying 53 nonviolent activists as terrorists, including opponents of the war and the death penalty, and tracking them in state and federal “terrorism” databases. Cops infiltrated organizing meetings and rallies, and spied on political email lists, similar to the government infiltration of the RNC.

The groups targeted, including the Maryland Campaign to End the Death Penalty and the Baltimore Pledge of Resistance, aren’t suspected of harming anyone, aren’t suspected of bombing anyone, aren’t even suspected of vandalizing property.

Their crime? They’re “fringe people,” says Thomas E. Hutchins, the former state police superintendent who authorized the operation.

“I don’t believe the First Amendment is any guarantee to those who wish to disrupt the government,” he said.

Get this, one activist was described in police databases as having a “primary crime” of “terrorism-anti-government” and a “secondary crime” of “terrorism-anti-war protesters.” This wasn’t an isolated abuse of power, this is a coordinated campaign of harassment and intimidation.

The gloves are really starting to come off, folks. Years ago, government officials were using these same tactics, but under the pretext of going after illegal, underground groups like the Earth Liberation Front. Now, they are openly, brazenly, harassing and infiltrating nonviolent activist groups with no connection–not even an ideological connection–to saboteurs. Why? This “War on Terrorism,” above all else, is an ideological war.

In some ways, though, I think folks should take some pride in that. Considering what is mainstream government policy now, I’d much rather be in the camp of “fringe people.” As Billy Bragg said, “If you’ve got a blacklist, I want to be on it.”

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I am running for President--vote for me!

Click on this link to see the news story about my campaign.


FDR Tattoo!

This is a tattoo that is part of a series of every president on someone's butt. I got FDR. It hurt like hell! I do not recommend getting a tattoo on the ass!


Tattoo was just done. First aid ointment is visible!

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The Truth about the New World Order!




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Chemical Traces of High Explosives in WTC Debris

Chemical Traces of High Explosives in WTC Debris

Josh Mitteldorf / OpEd News | August 5, 2008

The standard way to demolish a steel-framed building is to apply cutter charges to the supporting beams. The cutter charges consist of finely-powdered aluminum mixed with iron oxide, with added sulfur. This mixture contains both fuel and oxidant – it needs no air – and it burns hot enough to melt steel. The trade name for this product is “Thermate.”

There is a science to placing the charges in such a way that the building falls inward. It requires a great deal of expertise to keep a tall building from toppling over sideways.

Many scientists and engineers have looked at the way the WTC towers fell and remarked that it had the appearance of controlled demolition. The buildings collapsed symmetrically, and fell straight down. The speed of the fall indicated that the buildings were collapsing unimpeded. They must have had the “legs” simultaneously pulled out from under them, because a layered collapse from the top down would have taken several minutes, whereas the observed collapse took place in less than 20 seconds.

Another anomaly in the WTC collapse was the violent explosions. Firemen reported earthshaking blasts from the basement before collapse, and the impact areas in the upper floorss of the buildings exploded just at the onset of collapse. Jet fuel burns but cannot explode.

In an article published this week in the journal Environmentalist, chemical engineer Kevin Ryan collects evidence from EPA documents that suggest there was both Thermate and high-explosives in the debris from the WTC collapse. Ryan was formerly employed by Environmental Health Labs, a division of Underwriters Labs, before he was fired for raising these and other questions.

Fires at the WTC site persisted for weeks after 9/11, despite firefighters’ use of water and chemical extinguishers to smother the flames. This suggests that it was a fuel-oxidant mixture that was burning. Pools of red-hot molten iron could not have been caused by burning jet fuel or building materials, because these burn at a much lower temperature than steel melts.

Ryan’s evidence consists in traces of 1,3-diphenylpropane as well as sulfur and particulate matter, reported by the EPA to have appeared in spikes continuing as late as March, 2002. Ryan believes that these came from brief, intense fires ignited by the molten steel when it came in contact with yet-unburned plastic building materials during the clean-up process.

Link to Journal article full text

Josh Mitteldorf was educated to be an astrophysicist, and has branched out from there to mathematical modeling in a variety of areas. He has taught mathematics, statistics, and physics at several universities. He is an avid amateur pianist, and father of two adopted Chinese girls. This year, his affiliation is with the University of Arizona, where he studies the evolution of aging.

Tell the Truth About Obama in Missouri, Go to Jail

Tell the Truth About Obama in Missouri, Go to Jail

Kurt Nimmo
September 26, 2008

In Missouri, if you “lie” about Barack Obama the cops may arrest you. “The effort appeared to be part of a move by the Obama campaign to block advertisements to which it objects. The campaign also sent ‘threatening’ letters to several news agencies in Pennsylvania and Ohio demanding they stop airing ads exposing Obama’s gun stance, according to the National Rifle Association,” writes WorldNetDaily, never mind Obama is a gun-grabber who claims to support the Second Amendment.

Obama told ABC he supports the D.C. handgun ban. His campaign told the Chicago Tribune “Obama believes the D.C. handgun law is constitutional.” Obama served on the board of the Joyce Foundation, probably the largest private funder of anti-gun and pro-ban groups and research in the country. In addition, Obama voted for a bill that would “expand the definition of armor piercing ammunition” and “support[ed] banning the sale of ammunition for assault weapons,” including 223 and .308 caliber bullets, the most common rifle ammunition. He supported the Illinois Firearms Owners Identification (FOID) Card, mandatory for residents when they buy any firearm in the state. (For more information on Obama’s assault on the Second Amendment, see Analysis: Fact-Checkers Fall Short in Criticizing NRA’s Anti-Obama Ads.)

In other words, if you cite Obama’s voting record or his publicly stated opinions and this rubs his “truth squads” wrong, they will sic the cops on you. “We want to keep this campaign focused on issues,” Jennifer Joyce, a Missouri prosecutor, told told KMOV (see video). “We don’t want people to get distracted. Missourians don’t want to be distracted by the divisive character attacks,” that is to say she does not want the sheep distracted by the truth — Obama is a gun-grabber who pretends to respect the Second Amendment. In addition to Joyce’s warming, Obama lawyer Robert Bauer threatened Missouri television and radio station managers that he would rat them out to the Federal Communication Commission if they dared tell the truth.

This is precisely how political campaigns are run in despotic third world countries and dictatorships that pretend to be democracies. In Bolivia, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Burma, Georgia, Haiti — there is no shortage of recent examples — the opposition is routinely arrested, even killed, but we are supposedly above such tactics here in America. Instead, we just fix the voting machines and nix thousands of voters from the rolls.

It appears all of this has changed under Obama. Isn’t this the sort of behavior Hitler’s goons engaged in before he swept into power and killed millions of people, beginning with his political opponents? Isn’t this the sort of thing Stalin and Mao did, eventually graduating to mass murder and genocide? Didn’t East Germany’s Stasi encourage people to turn in their neighbors, even their family and friends, for holding the wrong political opinions?

Of course, Obama is no Stalin and his opponents are not showing up dead on the side of the road. But with this effort to silence the critics through coordinated police action we can see such fascism in a germination stage. Remember, Hitler’s brownshirts started out by intimidating communists, anarchists, and Social Democrats and then graduated to beatings, murder, and finally death camps.

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Zeitigeist: Addendum

This is a highly professional movie informing you many other things besides the evil tyranny of the secret powers in charge. This movie explains the money system and how it is basically a Pyramid Scheme. It also goes into The Venus Project which is a model for a resource based society instead of a monetary based society.

This movie is a must see and is new, released for free on Oct. 3rd.


Resist The New World Order!


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Masters of Terror-a documentary on the criminals that run our Government.

From 2002 but filled with a lot of GREAT info that needs to be looked at and remembered.