Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Signal Lost in Seattle.

Signal Lost is a female fronted hxc/punk band from Austin Texas. They definitly fit in with other great bands from that area, though the only one with female vox, their music grabs you and throws you on the dance floor. In other words-it is fucking good! Lead singer Ashley's vocals are incredible and remind me of a punker more political version of the late Mia Zapata of the band The Gits. (If you never heard of The Gits, please goto
Anyway, I first heard of the band from an issue of Maximum rock and roll. After I moved to Seattle I found their first CD, Children of the Wasteland, at a thrift store for a dollar. I was seriously stoked that day.
Since then the band has released a second full length on Prank Records. You can hear some of the music of that album, a 7 inch and their first cd at
I hung out with the band during their 2 day stop in Seattle. Both nights were mad fun and at two of the greatest DIY spots in town. They were even better live! I highly recomend this band if you are into good music in general. Signal Lost's members are part of a great family of texas bands that include: Severed Head of State, Deathreat, World Burns to Death, Spazm 151 and others.