Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Past Life Regression

I have always had dreams as a kid that led me to believe at an early age that I had been on the planet before in a different body. Most of my dreams were about World War 1 and World War 2. I had also had dreams about shooting up heroin as a little kid and this was way before I even knew what heroin or any drug was. Whenever someone hears the truth about anything in general, a feeling wells up inside of you and for some reason you know it to be true. Well this is how I felt when i realized that my dreams had to do with past lives. Those 2 words were like the bells of truth being rung throughout my body.

This is a painting of my spirit, what I look like when I am not in a body.
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The original drawing of my spirit was done by a spiritual master. This painting is my rendition of his drawing of my spirit. Notice my aura is purple, light blue and orange.

I am working on a bunch of books and scripts based on my past lives. Of course in some of it I will be taking artistic liberties with content but the basic principal and story will be based on my truth as I see it.

I look forward to sharing them with the world.

If you have cable TV and particularly the channel Turner Classic Movies (TCM), there is a mini-documentary about me that is running in between the movies that they show for the entire month of November. After November, the piece will run a few times a month for as long as the channel exists. Hopefully someday I can put the video up on here. If you have that channel, please look for it.

Until next time, be good to yourselves and each other cuz karma is a bitch!

one love-