Friday, September 19, 2008

The Infinite Love in my heart.

Basic truth,
we are all one.
Inside that oneness is complete unconditional love for the self and everyone else.
Most people are not tapped into that, but I am.
For ages the spiritual masters of the east have been teaching the path to divine love.
God is within us.
I cannot say that enough because most people don't know that.
We have been lied to our whole lives,

This infinite love I have tapped into,
exasperates the love inside I have for you,
my friend, my long time companion on planet earth.
Divine bliss,
that is the love I have inside of myself.
It is at its brightest when I am thinking of you.
When will you understand the infinite consciousness that we all are,

Still I cannot wait,
for you to catch up
and discover the god within.
The knowledge you had been given
has been sucked out by the demons of the hidden hand's corporate world of banks and greed.
I wish to exercise your demons,
only divine love can save you.
There is only love inside of you,
but you cannot see it anymore,
The darkness has captured your soul
for evermore.

You have no idea how much I love you.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Words to live by.

You must understand the nature of your own heart and manifest human values, namely, truth, righteousness, peace, love and nonviolence. Only then can you be called educated in the true sense of the term. There are many lawyers in this world, who study voluminous books. In spite of their learning, we find many "liars" among them. There are many doctors. But what is the use? They are getting bogged down with professional rivalry. We cannot find unity anywhere. First and foremost, we have to develop unity.

I tattooed your name on my arm....

and I don't regret it a damn bit.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

How you can defeat the dark forces that keep us down.

There are a few simple things that you can do to stop numbing your mind and senses to the truth.

why do u think that drinking is legal?
because it is the one drug that "depresses" the mind and bodies system to keep you closed off from spiritual truths.

why do you think that pot is illegal?
because it wakes you up to a higher spiritual knowledge of yourself and the world around you. If you are one of those people that cannot smoke pot for whatever reason---then just don't drink!

the golden rule-Do unto others as you'd have done to you. Simple and easy to do. The Gov't and hidden hand forces in charge want us to hate each other. They want us to lose our power to each other. Divide and Rule-GET IT! We are seriously all one, all brothers and sisters. If you treat anyone for whatever reason like shit-you are one of them. If you are not a part of the solution u are part of the problem and therefore an ENEMY of the truth. Watch your thoughts, watch your actions, watch your deeds. Stop being assholes to each other. WAKE THE FUCK UP!

The govt and hidden hand in power want us to suffer and work for their dumb material goods that they force down out throats through the media. Stop going to the movies. Hollywood is a joke. If anything watch DVD's at home, buy them used. Get rid of your cable-but keep the internet. Do you know how many people are stupefied by cable tv? There are so many sub-conscious messages during sitcoms, reality shows and commercials that you are bombarded with that make you want, want, want. Wake up! (there are some good channels but most of them suck)

Simple. Read and get informed.

I cannot stress enough how much alcohol is part of their plan to keep the people down. I see so many people slaves to drinking and the bar. Honestly u people make me sick. WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE. If your life is revolved around going out drinking with your friends--YOU ARE A MORON and you might as well join the police force or other fascist organizations because you are playing into their plan. Seriously I cannot even believe how many people I know just drink, drink, drink. How about this, the next time u want to spend a bunch of money at the bar to feel cool, how about I beat the shit out of you and take your money because you are doing basically the same thing to yourself. WAKE UP!

I don't care who you are everyone has fucking issues and needs help for them. I don't care if you are MR. Popular musician, if you drink all the time-you are fucking lost. If you treat people like shit-you are fucking lost. If you think you are better than everyone-get fucking help cuz you are a lost moron. Everyone and I mean everyone can benefit from counseling. We all have issues if we didn't we wouldn't want to drink and destroy ourselves slowly. WAKE UP! Getting help for your issues, whether they are small or big, helps the whole world around you. Be all that you can be-get help so you can. If you don't then you are part of the problem and not the solution.

If you are poor and eligible for state/federal programs--USE THEM FOOL! When I hear punks say they don't want to use the gov't for anything I want to slap them. That is exactly what they want. Get food stamps, get health insurance, get public housing. DO NOT BE A FOOL! Goto your local Social Services Dept and apply, apply, apply!

Simple right. Don't blame. Everyone and I mean almost everyone loses their power by blaming and pointing fingers. WAKE UP! You create the world around you. You are god. The god within creates your whole world by your thoughts, actions and deeds. Please wake the fuck up.

This one is hard but just remember, half of what you pay for your pack of Camels goes to the Govt to fund their wars and send money overseas to keep other countries in the pocket of the US Govt. Why do you think that the Govt does not help the people first? Because by sending billions upon trillions of dollars to a 100 different countries keeps them slaves to the USA. 90 percent of our tax dollars that go overseas does not even go to help the people. IT goes into the pockets of the evil ones in charge. WAKE UP! Stop killing yourselves slowly. That is what they want. Get Help! Stop funding their wars.


Monday, September 8, 2008

You Were My Hero.

I looked up to you.
You were my hero.
Everything that I wanted to be,
I found standing,
right in front of me.

The beauty you possess,
was what I wanted for
deep inside the goddess
of the ocean in my eye
I visualized your light.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Most

I still think about you and I imagine I always will.
I still feel you in my heart and hear you in my head,
things were cross for a while,
I felt your anger, pain, frustration and hate.
But peace is coming between us,
a flame as deep as ours cannot be put out,
it just burns alone on a monument
in Arlington Cemetery where
my past life bodies are buried.

Did you ever come to see,
your husband who's deceased
no more lying in your bed
or caressing your wonderful,
full of magic head.
Your victory garden old and withered,
I always thought,
I always figured,
that one day you
would have been mine.
What a waste of an existence.

United we Hurt. (new song)

I am blind,
to the love around me.
I am forced,
to make a choice of change,
something close to hope.
A prayer now answered
for the change I have needed
all my life.

This is a new middle age.
Something between war and peace,
This country has been telling lies.
We are now the fucking fascist
that we once fought.
Shame cast upon the greatest generation,
don't let them die for nothing.
their souls come back to haunt us,
we are now the enemy.

I am crouching in the corner,
their bombs fall all around me,
but I know what I am doing.
Their fire cannot not touch me.

With my head in my hands,
I pray for a new beginning,
something I have needed all my life
is coming towards me.
I will not run this time.
I will not run this time.

Only I can save me.
Only I can save me.
Only I can save me.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Awkward State--A Documentary

I am going to be taking part in an important documentary about transgendered people that identify as female to male (FtM) and are transitioning. This means a lot to be able to document my transition from a female body to a male body. There is going to be so many interesting moments that I am going to go through and to have them taped to share with society is important to me. Society needs people like me to show them that we are not these bodies we inhabit. That our souls are so much more than we appear. People who get to know me and see my struggles first hand through the documentary will be able to take with them a spiritual understanding of transgendered people that will benefit mankind in general.

I will keep everyone up to date on the progress that is made with it. I am just one of a series of transguys that are going to be featured in the documentary. Get ready for something you have never seen before but need too.

We start filming my end of it soon.
Look for updates here in this blog.