Friday, September 19, 2008

The Infinite Love in my heart.

Basic truth,
we are all one.
Inside that oneness is complete unconditional love for the self and everyone else.
Most people are not tapped into that, but I am.
For ages the spiritual masters of the east have been teaching the path to divine love.
God is within us.
I cannot say that enough because most people don't know that.
We have been lied to our whole lives,

This infinite love I have tapped into,
exasperates the love inside I have for you,
my friend, my long time companion on planet earth.
Divine bliss,
that is the love I have inside of myself.
It is at its brightest when I am thinking of you.
When will you understand the infinite consciousness that we all are,

Still I cannot wait,
for you to catch up
and discover the god within.
The knowledge you had been given
has been sucked out by the demons of the hidden hand's corporate world of banks and greed.
I wish to exercise your demons,
only divine love can save you.
There is only love inside of you,
but you cannot see it anymore,
The darkness has captured your soul
for evermore.

You have no idea how much I love you.

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