Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Don't Blame the Jews for all of the Problems of the World.

The actions of the zionists have fallen on the heads of all jews by people who dont know better than to blame all of the jews for the problems of the world. Its not the Jews that are the problem, its the zionist NWO scum who are of all religions and all races. Jews were kicked out of 94 countries not because of their actions but their inaction and tribe like nature because of the fear and prejudices of those around then who were of a different religion and race. For thousands of years the jews were kicked around until finally a group became fanatical on making society pay for the crimes against their people over the centuries. Those people became zionists and bankers and killed their own people in WWII for their own endgame. The zionists never got kicked out it was the poor real jews who were blamed unjustly for things that someone with the same label did and sometimes not even that, sometimes it was just an age old prejudice based on CLASS and RELIGIOUS differences that led to the jews being tossed out from every land on the planet. The actions of prejudiced and hateful people and their leaders led to the rise of the zionists and the Jewish need for revenge, which really isnt even the common jew or the religious jew. You have to understand centuries of being kicked around for NO little to no reason kind of gives a whole people a need to make someone pay for what was done to them. The jewish people like those zionists in the NWO need to forgive what was done because it has made them just like the people who hurt them creating situations where the Israeli govts against the will of the people slaughter and destroy innocent civlians in Palestine because of a deep for revenge for the wrongs of the past. This is a very deep issue based on historical wrongs before WWII even happened and is really a deep psychological issue that needs to be understood. Here is a lesson for everyone–hate and prejudice just leads to more hate and prejudice, love and understanding breeds love and understanding. This planet is in deep with the dark energies set forth by disgusting demonic entities banished here millions of years ago during the wars in Heaven.

"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."

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