Friday, June 29, 2012

The Past of my Soul

The Past of my Soul.

(The above picture is of two of my distant family members in Germany during the early 1900's, possible WWI or before.)

The Picture above looks a lot like me, esp since my sex change reassignment to male from female. Which started 4 years ago. My spirit soul was on the earth plane at this time in one of my past lives in America since the 1600's, but in particular I was in my WWI lifetime that took place from the late 1890's to 1918 (I died in the war). But it is so amazing how much the man in this picture looks like me now. War is stupid, I fought my family in this life in two wars, world war one and world war two. My dad in this lifetime was born in Germany in 1941, I was alive then in my next lifetime after I died in WWI, I was married and living in New York City, where I also spent my WWI lifetime, more on that later though.

My past lives are known extensively by me and I plan on writing screen plays on MANY of them eventually. All of them are incredibly awesome and some of them quite important as far as the history of the earth plane goes. Some very famous ones, people you have heard of you can bet your life on that. Everywhere I went people on the street and in public always paid a lot of attention to me, no one every messed with me and everyone was quite generous with me and is on a daily basis. I have always felt super famous but not in the regular sense, but that too which is in my distant past and future too.

This picture is of my Grandfather in Germany during the 1930's. He was a hero of the German people and humanity. He was conscripted to run a POW camp for Russian soldiers in an area of Germany that is now bordered by Poland. My father use to play on the farm that the camp was on and my aunt had her life saved as a little girl by a Russian Soldier when she fell under a log pile in the field.

My grandfather got in trouble for treating the prisoners too good and was stripped of his rank and sent to the Russian Front, where eventually he was captured and lived out the rest of the war in an Russian POW camp, which wasnt easy, but luckily he was transferred to an American prison camp before the end of the war in a prisoner exchange. He was lucky to have been able to make that move, many Germans FEARED the POW camps the Russians ran, most of the Germans spent many years as a laborer even after the war, if they didnt get killed in the beginning of the eventualy surrender and retreat of Hitler's armies in Russia.

The above picture is of my Grandfather during Training when he was conscripted in the army. He got out of combat at first because he had a large family and was a little bit older than a young recruit. For some reason the Nazi govt wanted my grandfather to deploy in country at a higher rank than would be normal for a conscripted man like him with a family.

My grandfather was a good man caught up in a crazy time with a large 7 kid family as a young man. He did what he could to help those his country was fighting against domestically and internationally. He paid the price for it too, but not the highest price, I guess the Nazi govt wanted him to live, that or his superiors respected that fact that he had 7 young children, the oldest being my Aunt, the one I mentioned above who got saved by the Russian soldier.

My grandfather in better days below somewhere in Germany! Love that 1930's style!

(My Grandfather is the man on the Left!)

"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."

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