Sunday, August 3, 2008


Ghost of You

The days have gotten longer but you’re still by my side, and it’s almost haunting when I think I hear your voice. But I remember everything you said, and did for me. Now I know what I must do to keep your memory and keep you here in my heart (you’re still here in my heart.) I’m still living with the ghost of you. I’ve given my respects, I’ve paid my dues. What else could you expect, I’m still living with the ghost of you.

One of the best bands from Las Vegas that were only around for a second is Anthems.
They self released their first EP and it is a good one. You can download it here:

They just broke up. I wanted to post the lyrics to my favorite song off of the EP.
This song is definitely one of my favorite songs of this year.

I am still living with the ghost of you
and don't you know it.

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