Monday, August 18, 2008

In my Dream.

In my dream the other night, you were the big boss of a company. Out of all the employees I was the lowest on the totem poll. I was the truck driver and I was giving everyone a ride home in the company truck. I turned to you and you deep throat kissed me when we were alone in the truck. Then I woke up. I wish I was still driving that truck, with you sitting close to me in the middle seat. I miss you so much, you have no idea how much I love you. It is a great love that I just cannot shake. It has been many, many years and I still love you like I did when we first met. You cannot even imagine the pain I feel without you. While a bunch of pathetic stand ins and replacements take my place. I walk alone with my head hung low and my hip pockets dragging. Life is no fun for me.

Deep down inside I am broken and lost. There is no way I can get you out of my heart. I will die with this love on my soul, once again I will carry you into the next life-unless we figure it out and you become my wife.

This is just the way it is.

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