Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"New York City soon be mine aka I am fucking stoked."-Blind Melon with additional lines by me.

I am so fucking stoked. A ray of light has beamed down from the darkness in the form of an awesome girl from Brooklyn- my friend, cutie calamity aka Erin!

Erin has an awesome apartment in Brooklyn that she shares with her husband. In it there are two small spare bedrooms, one is her art studio and one is for a renter. The room has an awesome loft, which by the way I love to death. I stayed there when I spent new years eve 2008 in NYC. Anyway the room opened up about 5 months ago but Erin wanted to keep it open. I begged her to let me rent it someday and she said that if they decide they need a boarder she would consider it. Well now she wants to do something with it, thanks to the hard times we are all facing in this economy. Since I get almost 700 dollars from the govt each month, my bills are always paid, always. This looks good for me. Most of the punks she knows are probably not 100 percent reliable. If I get the room, they get their rent-guaranteed. Plus I can buy food for the place with my food stamps, plus I am eligible for energy assistance and all other sorts of goodies.
I am keeping my fingers crossed.
I have got to get out of seattle.
I did what I came to do, realized a lifelong goal of moving to the NW and unblocked my writers block. I know that NYC will take care of the rest. Especially my paintings. Right before I left NYC in 97, I was about to get an agent. Shit happens, but I know that New York is waiting for me and I mean the city itself. My karma is there because I lived my last lifetime there. But the 50's and 60's were not the only time I was born in NYC. I had many lifetimes there. For sure I lived in other places too throughout the course of my existence, but in the last bunch of lives it was New York City. Since I could think all I wanted to do was move to NYC. At five years old I was staring out my window dreaming of living in that big city where King Kong went crazy.

So I am crossing my fingers and saying a prayer.
New York City Soon Be Mine.

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