Friday, August 22, 2008

Creeped Out.

Apparently love is creepy,
denial and hate is a much
better reaction,
this girl loves me,
call in the authorities,
she's creep.

Unwarranted love,
there is no such thing.
All love is warranted,
every person in love
has their reasons
for loving that person.

I am damaged,
my love is creepy-
I am a creep for never getting over you.
I am a creep
now what I am suppose to do.
Ain't love grand.

Haunted by past lives
and all the moments in this
one that you were in,
I have no idea how to move on,
except change my name
and become a new person.

She will forever
be haunted by me.
No matter what-
it's not my fault,
Your a creep too.

I can't help,
but love you forever.
I wish I didn't,
suffering is not something,
I signed up to do.

I have been crying these
tears of pain,
for so long-
I cannot see any sort
of future in front of me.

I am so damaged
it's not so fun,
maybe your damaged too.
I thought you were a writer,
but now your just a fool.

I can't escape my love for you.
I ran all the way across the country
but you still haunt me everywhere,
You use to be a writer,
but now your just a fool.

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