Thursday, July 31, 2008


The trap of the senses.
It leads me down all sorts of paths-
Cheesy, salty, sweet, sour or spicy,
hunger could lead to them all
in the middle of the night
I awake with the pang,
my thighs digress as
the nighttime function
known as sleep
turns all calories into fat.

The pangs of the belly
howl when I am depressed-
leading to an empty hollow need
that is only temporarily
filled by food.
Leaving me feeling worse.
Somedays I want
to not be hungry,
to not be a slave
to my body.

Like love we all
need food to survive.
Just one more trait
that makes us at one
with the animals
that surround us.
I fast like Gandhi
to overcome the sensual satisfaction
that is food.
But hunger-

"the end"

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