Saturday, July 12, 2008

Identifying Marks

Another Bent writing assignment.


Identifying Marks

9 in all.
Letters T C M, lower left arm inside.
Skull and Crossbones with Droogie hat, lower left arm inside.
Lion as seen in Scottish Flag, lower right arm.
Name "Nico" above lion, lower right arm.
Punk rocker in Flames throwing Molotov Cocktail, lower right arm inside.
Name "Kim punk rock", upper right arm.
Symbol from the comic book character "Spawn", Upper Left arm.
Stick Figure with arm raised, Upper Left arm.
Giant X as seen in the TV show The X Files, Lower Back.

Shaved Head
Blue Eyes
Nose Ring
"Barbell" style earrings.

small mole on upper right torso between the right breast and arm pit.

Last seen walking up Pike St. toward Madison Market in Capitol Hill wearing camouflaged pants and black hooded sweatshirt with white writing.
Subject was also carrying a "messenger" style bag with an image of Brandon Lee from the movie The Crow.

If seen please call:



That last line gets em every time--big laughs.

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