Thursday, July 17, 2008

Going down on the sun.

The sun goes down on
another day,
another month,
another year,
another lifetime
filled with sunrises and sunsets.

In Seattle where the sun sets late in the summer,
we have more clouds than sun,
but I came to Seattle to let the rain wash away my pain.

The Sun still goes down behind those clouds,
whether we can see it or not.
There is something to be said in Love being in everything
just like the sun being out even though it is raining or cloudy or
I am upset about my regrets in New York City
under the moon where she called me her angel.

When the sun went down was when I made the most mistakes
with you but I was lost and young and scared of myself
thanks to my mom and all those mean things she said
as the sun went down on another day in small town hell.

The sun is always going down on me,
the sun is always going down on me,
Nico the sun is always going down on me.

the end.

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