Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Taste of the Floor

Pat Flynn gets all the credit for this one.
It is funny how sometimes someone will write a song that is about a moment in your life or a feeling or a pain or just regularly how you feel. There have been some amazing bands this century that have written songs that have basically been a reflection of my heart and soul. It leads me to believe that the oneness that I have been learning about and trying to live is so real that it is beyond our understanding.

Anyway this song called Taste of the Floor is on Have Heart's new record called Songs to Scream at the Sun. The whole album is just chock full of songs that I can relate to, but this one in particular makes me scream it at the sun.

These lyrics remind me of someone I love very much that I just cannot forget. Pat might as well of been an angel on my shoulder for him to write this song. It really means a lot to me and when Have Heart just played it he dedicated it to Punk Rock Kim and everyone else that feels the loss of someone they love deeply. That shit meant a lot to me!

The Taste of The Floor
by Have Heart
words by Patrick Flynn

The Taste of the Floor reminds me of the skin
that leaves me in oceans of my soul
without a shore

So alone
So we'll Hold
those barren bodies
bereft of any soul
to get back what
the "middle of the nights" stole:
the forgotten feeling of feeling whole

but the loneliness
of our togetherness
creates an empty nest
for the emptiness
freezing in this chest.

so can you make me feel good?
Make me feel complete?
help me return to a dream of a love
worth more than
dirt and meat.

If you want to hear this song buy the new CD from Have Heart at or hit up I tunes on July 8th to buy this song.


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