Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Music is Everything

Music is everything and has constantly saved my life time and time again. Especially since 2000 and on music has played a main part in my existence. Here are a list of hardcore, punk or whatever bands that have saved my life these last few years especially. I highly recommend that you check each and everyone of these bands on myspace.

Go it Alone
Sinking Ships
Have Heart
At Half Mast
Hostage Calm/At All Costs
Blue Monday
Miles Away
Get the Most
Soul Control
The Effort
The First Step
The Answer
Stop At Nothing
Never Looking Back
The Gits
The Pist
The Rakes Progress
D Generation
The Carrier
I Object
Tear it Up
Think I care
I Rise
3 Doors Down
Face to Face
Live (as always)
Tori Amos for keeping me in touch with my feminine side.
The Midnight Creeps
the Unseen
Reaching Forward
and the list goes on and on and on.

The only time I am not thinking about my sadness is when I am at hardcore show. For some reason when I am there it is like all the pain, sadness, regret and lost love that has been plaguing me for 15 years fades away. But usually after a show I cannot sleep and home becomes a den of remembrance and longing for that feeling I have missed for so long-the same pain that the show numbed becomes amplified in the after show crash. That feeling of home I long for and I am not talking about the place I was born or grew up in.

Music is the drug that makes me forget my pain for just a second, while I am screaming the lyrics to the sun and anyone else who will listen because I know that when the song ends the pain still remains.

Music really is fucking everything.


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