Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday = blah.

Went to a hardcore show yesterday at my scene's collective known as The Viaduct. These awesome kids got together and opened this amazing venue in the vein of ABC No Rio and Gilman St. in California. Basically it is an all ages venue with no alcohol (but a slew of dive bars nearby) and no asshole club owner telling us what we can and cannot do. It works because most of the kids that work there and run it are straight edge. We also police ourselves. Stopping people from putting the club in danger of being shut down. We pride ourselves on being positive but strict on dumb people doing dumb things. I love this place and if it was in Seattle I would volunteer there all the time. It is in Tacoma WA which is about a 45 minute drive from Seattle (without traffic).

My friends from CT, a band named Hostage Calm played on Sunday. I was excited to see them again. 3 times this year is a treat. I saw them once in Jan in Queens when I was back east for the holidays, once at Rain Fest and then yesterday. Seeing them and being near them makes me closer to home and closer to the one I love. I wish I could of jumped in their van and stowed away for the east coast. They were on tour with a band from Mass called The Effort. The Effort are one of the best newer hardcore straightedge bands out there today. With songs about wanting to change yourself for the betterment of humanity, hardcore today is much different than the hardcore of the past. I cannot exactly put it into words but today's hardcore is sung by an even more aware and positive youth. I love it. One of the reasons I do not exactly fit into the norms of punk rock society is because my main goal in life is not drinking and that is ok. I know my punk brothers and sisters will catch up and ride the posi straight edge hardcore wave. You don't have to be edge to be positive. Soul control, who also played yesterday, from RI are another spiritual hardcore band. I love it. Bands are really stepping up the spiritual content and this makes me happy. Vanguard, one of my favorite local bands, headlined and did not disappoint. This band rocks my world so hard. I am so glad that I stumbled into this hardcore scene.

I went to three shows in a row and now on Monday I am pretty spent. I would love to lay around on my couch all day thinking of my love and rocking out with my blankets, but I have stupid posters to pick up and put up. I still might just lay around though. Being your own boss rules but I am still the girl with her head in her hands wondering what went wrong. I really, really just want one thing--------------------------------and that is------------------------------
to be with--------------------------------------------------------------you.

Fuck---good night cruel world.
Tonight I hold you in my blanket.

the end.

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