Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Images of You

Images of You
Current mood: sad
Category: Life

I cannot get you out of my heart, mind and spirit. All I have left are these images that are not suppose to be painful. Nobody knows my sorrow, nobody knows my pain. At the end of the day, I still have the clown's sad face painted on and I am here to say it is not a mask. I feel sad all the time about us. I have been sad since 1994 and I have searched everywhere for the key to unlock me from this painful prison. I have looked within and I have looked without--nothing but pain in sight. When I go within I see our past lives flooding my mind like a killer tsunami, when I look without I just see all the love that is not for me.
I am in a holding pattern over the airport of life. No one understands how everything has been ripped apart. I wish I could go back in time with a handful of tape and glue, to put together again the life that we wanted.
I sit here alone, haunted by these images of you from this life and the 16,000 lifetimes we lived before. Sometimes I wish there was a war that would wipe me out like all the times before, this time I need it.

Fuck these images in my mind.
Tearing me apart.
Leaving pieces of us everywhere I go,
when you need me, just follow the trail of blood and pain and those images of you all ripped up in my mind.

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