Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Digress

Seattle Coffee Shop
drunken caffeine addicted
still missing you in this
city of my childhood dreams
I Pray to the light
to take me out of this place
and bring me home
to a place called heaven
or New York or both....
...I digress.

I am 35 and I feel about 2.
sometimes the inside of me
is not so pretty...
...I digress.

She needs me,
cross out the S
whenever your in doubt
cross out the S...
....I digress.

He needs me,
gone with the S.
She needs me,
is she both inside?
....I digress.

It's driving me crazy,
the passion I possess.
Gone with the wind can't save me.
...I fucking digress.

I love you.
I didn't cripple you did I?
...I digress.

In this forest,
I am the hungry lion.
you are the meat of my soul,
the bread of my chest...
...I digress.

I want to let you go,
but I can't.
Something in my soul
won't let me.
In my chest,
in my chest,
I shall not rest
until you eat of
the bread of my chest.
...I digress.

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