Sunday, July 27, 2008


Sitting around in my green day boxer briefs,
wishing I was married,
tied down at my port of call.
I know that in these underpants
was not what you wanted,
too bad I could not see
what you needed
was this huge cock
I have inside of me.

Ever since I was little,
I felt like a boy,
it made my father angry
but my mother it destroyed.
She made fun of me,
till I could not believe,
in the beautiful being
I had inside of me.

I know I am not alone,
many parents are homophobic,
truth be told,
but I was born this way
to learn some hard lessons
through a love I cannot avoid.

If you only knew
how long we have been together,
it is easy to understand,
why I need your touch on earth
more than just in heaven.

The End.

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