Monday, June 7, 2010

supernatural jackass

I am going through some heavy supernatural shit because of who I am and who I was. Please dont think I am a fucking loon all right because I am not. I need you so bad. Mulder really needs Scully and it is no fucking laughing matter. Aww man if you really knew what happened to me in NYC over xmas you would understand. I am not crazy holy shit i just wish I was. I am just so scared to fuck it up with you over my stupid blog or whatever that I just dont know what to do. The whole universe is flipping the fuck out over the fact that we need to be together. It is no joke. We really made a big mistake in the garden of eden. No joke either. I really need you. I know I got to be patient and take baby steps with my blog but I am going through some heavy supernatural shit right now and its been a long time coming ok. We have a serious spiritual connection. This is how I know things that you probably wonder how I fucking know. Awww man I got to be patient but I just need you so fucking bad ok. I am not a loon and i didnt mean to loon out over Xmas. I am just going through some stuff that most people on the earth plane just would not understand. Me and you go so deep that we are both in serious pain over what happened over the holidays and in 93 and in 97 for that matter. I just love you so fucking much. So much. I am just alive, alone and waiting for an eternity it seems like. I am at half mast too.

I love u so much, I just dont know what to fucking do.


"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."

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