Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dont worry about your emails.

Hey listen, I love you so much and I dont care about what you said in any of your emails ok. I really dont cuz i know you. We go so deep its not even funny, as a matter of fact you created my spirit as your divine consort, its a big reason why I cannot stomach even being with another woman at all and i mean at all. When I hook up with a guy or whatever it brings me so much pain because all that is in my heart is you. I am really not hurt by anything that you said. I love you so much and my love is never ending.

I am here waiting for you ok. It's raining purple hearts here in seattle. I need you so bad. I need to hold you in my arms so bad its not even funny. When your ready, I am here. I will never stop loving you and I mean ever. We are both being hurt and manipulated by a fallen master guide. Just dont worry about it, I am here for you always and I mean always. I love you so much. I hold you so tight every night in my arms. No matter what, through it all I never stopped loving you. I am not leaving the earth plane. Even though I am in an incredible amount of pain (and so are you) I am not leaving the planet, I am not leaving you.

Download this record and listen to it. It has the song called If all else fails.

I love u always, no matter what happens I LOVE YOU.

PS.I know you have a girlfriend, but whatever you know, I am here when you are ready ok.

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"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."

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