Monday, June 14, 2010

Old Poem #1

For Jim Carroll

Magical Mystery frozen Love
picking up the pieces
of my frayed divinity

IT gets tough,
sitting on a throne
thinking about Jim Carroll
and the exlax
I took last night
sitting on the throne

Different places
Different thrones
all the same faces
picking up the pieces
born Waterbury author
and I am not too far from home.

Old Poem #2

The goddess with Shadow, elaborate music

Sitting on a park bench
waterbury CT
stayed clean
my new hometown
half a cigarette
just made me sick
looks like rain
says the Native American within me
there's a lot of people
sitting on park benches across
this great land of ours
I happen to be
one of them
sipping Kenya AA
Staying Clean

Create Wind with a Vision

Visions of basketball
getting high in Waterbury
remembrance of a dark
rainstorm from years back
25 cent junkie juice
little kid juice
repossessed tears
cranked up heart
in love with myself
My family
surfaces my inner violence
leads to murder
got coffee with my Dad
Got some heroin
I was real mad
Thinking this poem sucks
but who gives a fuck
I am nodding out
No parents, no point
All I needed was a ride

An Old Sailor's body drifted to shore


"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."

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