Saturday, June 5, 2010


I know that because of what happened at Aeden or whatever it is really hard for you to come and see me, etc. Listen you were really fucked about becoming a heroin addict, losing me and Shut Up. I was really fucked up because of what happened to me in New Haven and losing you. Plus we were both so still in fucking love and so fucked up because of what happened that we didn't know what to do. Plus I was really fucked up and so were you, but honestly the thing with the jackets had to do with world war two and Brian Mclane fucking with me in the astral plane. It was endless for like 3 days straight he harassed me about those jackets, that he was stealing them. It was bad Nico, it was so bad that I had to have them back the WWII that was my grandfathers especially and it was because of our WWII karma that he knew about of course in spirit and that he was threatened by. We know this now. IT was bad Nico that is how powerful our WWII lifetime is. Anyway please dont worry about it, please let it go. In the grand scheme of things what does it matter--Adam and Eve, etc, etc, etc. I really love you. YOu really love me and we need to come together in a big way if not just for us, mostly for us, but for the earth plane too. I need you so bad. I will do whatever you want me to do. Just come to me. We need to be together if even for a weekend you know and then after that we can figure it out. For our souls sake. Please forget about what happened at Aeden, I have, I know its harder for you honey, but just let it go ok. Our past and souls are so much more important.

Just please forgive me for xmas, it really wasnt my fault. When u come and see me I will explain. I love you so much. I need you.

"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."

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