Friday, June 18, 2010

Classic Film and Us

We met at the movies during world war two and world war one as a matter of fact. But during world war two all we did was go to the movies. We go really deep with classic film and TCM. Many of the classic film stars were children of ours in past lives. WE have lots and lots of karma with the classic film stars. This is why we met at the NYFA. Anyway when they made a movietone news reel of me when I died in WWII, it meant so much to you and so much to my soul as a matter of fact. I miss you so much. All I do is try to paint and write but all I can seem to do is sit and pout. I need you so much. I just really need to spend some time with you but i know your busy and your taken but we go really deep and I cant seem to even bring myself to find someone else to be with even though its been 17 years. I know that if I didn't try to commit suicide, which was a big accident and wasn't what i meant to do we might be together right now. The pain I am in is unimaginable. How I need you, how I need you. I am stuck in Seattle for a while which means that our chances of meeting by accident in NYC for the foreseeable future is unlikely. How I pray to be with you. How I pray. Please hold me in spirit. I love u.

"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."

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