Saturday, June 5, 2010

Never mind once again I suck

Never mind what I said about the master guide. I suck. Its not true. Hes an evil dick that is pretty much evil incarnate that will do anything to fuck us up. Just like when he fucked me over in NYC over XMAS. If I had known you were coming to my house. I would of never of gone to NYC. He told me you werent coming and I believed him. It is all because I went and saw him channeled in 94-99 off and on and it was my undoing. I need you so much. I cant live without u as a matter of fact in spirit and otherwise. How I love you and I am in so much pain right now I cant even deal and I have nothing to kill the pain.

Please heal with me. Please forgive any stupid blog that makes you go hmmmm. Cuz in the grand scheme of things, fuck it. Adam and Eve u know we go so deep its not even funny. I love u so much, u have no idea how much love I have for u. Been sitting around half my life pining for u. No joke. I need u so much. My divine consort. U have no idea how much I need u. Just come when u can. We need to spend WW3 together. Its real important and its coming. I know about ya girlfriend. whatever u know it doesnt matter, there are so many things we need to say to each other. I fucking love u so much. just ignore anything stupid on this blog. I fucking love u so much. How i thought about u everyday for the last 17 years. Please let me take care of u. wait on you hand and foot. Someone needs to take care of u, u been taking care of me for 1000's of years, no joke. Yo we can take it slow. I know i need to take it slow with u online. I am going to try my best. I have a big mouth when it comes to writing, I cant help it. Sabotaged a lot of shit with poems and u know it. Hahahahaha. I want to fix what happened at Xmas. WE can have a second chance. I am in hell with out u. No lie.

"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."

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