Saturday, June 5, 2010

Manipulation of Karma par t 1 and manipulaion of karma part 2 explanation

manipulation of karma.

Why would I wait half my life to be with you when we are so close to throw it all away by causing you bullshit awful pain in the astral plane. Guess what I wouldn't. I would never, ever, ever, ever cause this kind of pain. I would never, ever cause you this kind of pain. I am being manipulated by a master fucking guide. Who knows everything I am going to do before hand. He doesnt want me near you at all in the astral plane. If I even try to touch you in the astral plane he sabotages my fucking shoot and my fucking karma. He is so jealous of every little thing in my life and past lives that he is ruining our karma and stealing my past lives and karma. You are too but you dont mean too at all. We are being manipulated. It is no joke. I would never, ever, ever fucking do what he is doing, what makes it worse is that this piece of garbage has my fucking karma and past lives with you that mean more to me than anything in the fucking world. Especially world war two. He copies everything and anything that I do and if I come near you at all he makes it so cause you harm because he wants my past lives. I love you so much. I am still Alive, Alone and Waiting for you. Please marry me.

I swear to god on my life that I would never ever do what he is manipulating me to do. It is torture and it is causing me massive amounts of fucking pain. I cannot even deal. I love you so fucking much and I would never cause you pain. As a matter of fact he is the fucker that manipulated me into trying to kill myself. Anyway I love you so fucking much, if you love me too please tell me. I need you so much, more than the air that I breath. I would never come near you unless I had permission and I am not joking about that.

PS. I am also clean. No pot, no nothing at all. I dont drink of even smoke. Just chew tabbaco every once in awhile. I look fucking great on the testosterone too.

"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forev

"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."

Heres the deal, the master guide is me. It is my spirit soul, my karma, he is me. He stole my spirit after my stupid suicide attempt. This body is his (ie. my) body. There is still some of kimpunkrock in this body because of the mind and soul still left. We need to merge back together so I can be me and he can be me and we can be together. IT is no joke. Want to be with the master guide, ie. kimpunkrock, this is his body which merges back into the body when we finally merge in body. Until them my spirit is not in its body. That is my spirit, my karma, me. Your divine consort, this is your divine consorts body. WE need to merge. I loved hum very much by the way. I mean a lot.

We are one. We love you so fucking much and need to be with u. Need to be with Johny D., WWI, WWII, Adam this is the body that belongs to that spirit. No joke we need to merge.

That is my spirit he has I really dont know what else to say, I shouldnt of written that blog.

"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."

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