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Stop the Slaughter in Gaza

Stop the Slaughter in Gaza
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Stop the Slaughter in Gaza
Mass struggle is the only way out

Israel's government's rule has been a chain of scandals and failures,
most recently the impact of the world capitalist crisis.

Now they are trying to save themselves from defeat in February's
elections by means of a wholesale slaughter of Palestinians in this
long planned attack.

Abu Abas, Mubarak and the Arab League leaders condemn the massacre.
But they were complicit in Israel's starving of the Gaza's 1.5 million
inhabitants by Israel's 16-month siege. These regimes willingly carry
out the dictates of imperialism. Mubarak's authoritarian regime in
Egypt collaborated in the imprisonment of the Palestinians by
preventing free movement of goods and people on Egypt's border with
Gaza. Mubarak even met Israel's foreign minister Livni on the day
before Israel's attack.

Bush, and Obama, have refused to force Israel to immediately halt the
carnage. Bush used similar brutality in the US occupation of Iraq and
Afghanistan. While Miliband makes feeble calls for a cease-fire, the
White House does not criticise the massive Israeli onslaught and
blames Hamas for provoking these attacks on Gaza. Bush supports the
Israeli/Egyptian blockade of Gaza while condemning the consequent
Hamas rocket fire into Israeli cities.

Hamas' rocket fire cannot defeat the Israeli state's oppression of
Palestinians. The Israeli ruling class do not care about the working
class inhabitants of the towns bordering Gaza, but uses their plight
to justify the war. The Hamas leadership use the rockets as a means to
hide their lack of any strategy to liberate the Palestinian masses
from the Israeli siege. The Israeli government does not defend the
real interests of ordinary Israelis, rather it exploits their fears.

Every gain made in the history of Palestinian struggle has been the
result of active mobilisation of the masses. Tragically for
Palestinians neither Hamas, nor Fatah, nor the Arab regimes, have a
strategy to defend the masses and stop the Israeli state's slaughter.

* For an immediate end to Israeli attacks. For an immediate end to
the siege of Palestine.

* For escalation of demonstrations and protests against the war, in
the Middle East and internationally.

* No trust in the world powers or the United Nations. The Palestinian
masses must have trust in their own struggle and appeal for support from the
working masses internationally, especially in the Middle East,
including Israel.

* Organize the masses in self-defence. Mass action by Palestinians and
Egyptians to break the siege that imprisons Gaza.

* For united struggles by the workers and poor to overthrow all the
capitalist regimes in the Arab states and in Israel. For workers'
governments across the Middle East which can end the cycle of violence
by resolving the contentious issues in the interests of working people
and start to create a society run for the needs of ordinary people.

* For a Socialist Palestine and a Socialist Israel as part of a
Socialist Federation of Middle Eastern States.

A Statement from the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI).
(Socialist Alternative stands in political solidarity with the CWI.)
Posted Dec. 29, 2008

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