Sunday, November 9, 2008

Why I love John F. Kennedy.

Ever since I was young, I was enamored of John F Kennedy. It could of been my grandfather that told me about it but I do not remember. Maybe I love JFK because of my last lifetime when i grew up in the 50's and 60's until my death in 1968. How do I know this you ask. Well it is a long story and this blog is not about that past lifetime-which deserves a book in itself. Anyway JFK started out as a symbol to me of all that a person can achieve and be in one lifetime. He was as punk rock as a conservative catholic that went to Harvard could ever be. The policies that he tried to enact were revolutionary and would have changed life in this country as we know it if it was not for the shadow government that killed him.

About 7 years ago I was at a talk with Charles Grodin at the New Haven Jewish Community Center. Charles Grodin is an actor from the 70's, 80's and 90's. In the 21 st century he became an anchor for 60 minutes. I always respected him and when I had a chance to see him talk, I took the opportunity. After he was done speaking I asked a question about his opinion on the drug war. I also stated that I truly believed that this country had gone down hill and been hijacked by criminals since Kennedy was assassinated. The entire room went silent. I am not sure if it was because i was in a room full of jews that didn't like Kennedy or if the people were truly in shocked over this punk rock transgendered person talking about the criminals that hijacked the country and the assignation of Kennedy.

Seven years later that same idea is all over the internet within the truth community. Alex Jones says it and so do many other constitutionalists within the anti- new world order groups. Kennedy stood against these globalists. The bay of pigs and the Cuban crisis was orchestrated behind his back by the CIA. Kennedy was about to abolish the CIA because of this. He also knew that they were bringing drugs into the country and he wanted to decriminalize drugs and make drug addiction an official disease. He saw what the CIA was doing to the people and he felt it was his duty to make it right. If Kennedy had his way, life as we know it in the USA would be a totally different place.

Kennedy had also found out about the alien and UFO conspiracy. He threatened to tell the people if the FBI and CIA did not release their documents on the subject. Well the shadow government was not having that. Not only did Kennedy piss off the CIA and members of the FBI, but he also pissed off the mafia. The CIA was able to use the mafia as part of a plot to kill Kennedy because of this animosity between them. The mafia was instrumental in getting Kennedy the nomination for the Democratic Party through his good friend Frank Sinatra. The mafia wanted Kennedy to be complicit in the drug trade between the mafia and the CIA but he was not having any of it. So he turned his back on the mafia even though he owed them some favors. He truly wanted to be a president of the people.

In the fall of 1963, the CIA, the mafia and members of the government killed John F. Kennedy for all of the reasons I gave you above. There is way more to the story. But this is a blog not a book. JFK is seriously one of my heroes. I even found an official presidential photo of JFK in this abandoned house. It is one of those pictures that hung up in all the state/government offices across the country while JFK was in office. I still have it and i treasure it.

There are only a handful of people alive and dead that I love and respect more than anything. Only one is not famous. JFK is the only president of the bunch. If I was to die tomorrow I would want to spend my time speaking with him in the after life. I know for a fact that he is still there. He cannot reincarnate until the truth officially comes out, per order of his soul. I am not sure why that is but you can understand what it must be like being the soul of JFK.

May god bless him.

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