Monday, November 24, 2008

A Hole in my Earth.

There is a hole in my earth without you.
I still hear you talking in my head,
and when I get up each morning
from my bed,
the first thing I hear is
how much you love me.

It pains me to see,
that there is never any
email for me,
from your body, from you head
I am sorry you think
that I might be dead.

There is a hole in my earth without you.
Sometimes I just do not know
what I am suppose to do
without you here to sing
my divine song with me,
what will the future bring.

I hear you talking in my head,
I love you,
know that I am not dead,
the only war that took me from you,
was the one the heroin dealers started
to help along our karma.

If you could only see,
why all those past lives,
mean so much to me,
my love you need to remember,
why you were born
in the cold month of December.

I just cannot help loving you
more than even myself,
you have been my wife,
way more than twice,
please don't leave me forever
within this life.

The End.

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