Monday, November 10, 2008

Never Looking Back - If All Else Fails.

Never Looking Back live in Seattle Washington playing my favorite song If All Else Fails from their album Fragile Hearts on Detonate Records out of Connecticut.

From the album notes:

-If All Else fails-
We go in blind and come out deaf. Our eyes deceive us until there's nothing left. We were beautiful once before that day, the day our lives would change. We took for granted the good and the bad. We put too much on being sad. It's hard to say if anything would have changed if we'd just opened our eyes and accepted the blame. No one knows how things would be right now if we had helped you out and you let down. Out of them all I loved you the most, but all that's left are regrets and false hopes. Broken hearts and broken homes have reduced us to the things we hate the most. You wanted it all but the end is what you got so let's pick up the pieces before our time runs out. If all else fails just know that this much is true...through it all I never stopped loving you.

*This is about unconditional love. The love that will make you take a bullet for someone. In your life you find people who you connect with on a deeper level than anyone else can see, whether it is a family member or someone that you meet. You become attached in a way that can never be destroyed. This person becomes a part of you. No matter what they do, no matter what choices they make you will always be there. You can be angry, sad, upset but still never stop loving them. It's about giving everything you have to show someone that there is still hope in a world they might have given up on.*


I filmed this video on a Kodak 6 mega pixel camera not a video camera unfortunately.

The singer Jeremy is one of my best friends. This song means so much to me and so does this band. Unfortunately they broke up in August but I was there and took about 200 pictures of the show. It was one of the best shows I have ever seen in my life and not just because this band means so much to me. I miss seeing them play live more than I have ever missed seeing any other band before and believe me I have
seen a lot of bands.


"Through it all, I never stopped loving you"

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