Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Can Dream About You.

Here are the lyrics to one of my favorite songs as a kid. Low and behold the original version was done by Dan Hartman but it was re-done by the musicians that the song was originally written for and that band is Hall and Oates.

I actually took dancing lessons as a kid in Jr. High. My parents forced me and believe me those tapes are never getting out to the public, but one song I danced too in the recital was the Dan Hartman version of this song.


No more trying
To hold someone close to my life
It's time for finding
Some way to get through my sleepless nights

I can dream about you
If I can't ho Id you tonight I can dream about you
Maybe that will make it all right
All right

Moving sidewalks
Uneven under my feet
My true feelings
Down deep below
'Cause the streets see me lonely for you
Just for you

I can dream about you
In my dreams we're still happy
And you're still part of me
I can dream about you
And when you're in my mind's eye
You're a sweet memory, memory

Baby, I'm dreaming
(I can dream about you)
Dreaming, oh
I can dream about you
Oh, maybe that will make it all right
All right, all right

I can dream about you

Hall and Oates version is on their album from 2004 called "Our Kind of Soul".
Here they are doing the song live, but the album version is a lot better.

I really find it interesting that all the songs I loved as a kid directly relate to my life now.

Seriously that is cool.

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