Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Secret Government

Important video for people that care what is happening in our world. Learn to love yourself and everyone else unconditionally to fight the New World Order. Get informed-it is the first step to changing our reality on the planet to one of love instead of hate, creative trade instead of greed, abundance instead of lack. One way or another, everything will be ok and everyone will be back with the person that they love in this lifetime or the next. May your self realization come sooner rather than later.

Peace be with you.
I pray that everyone gets informed on what is going on behind the scenes at the highest levels in gov't and all the industries that affect our daily lives. Our world has been hijacked by criminals. It is time we took our power back. Stop giving your power away to the TV or your boy friend or that bottle of booze or that bag of salty potato chips or your girl friend or sex or money or's time we truly took our power back and became the gods that we are.

Anarchy and peace = Harmony

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