Saturday, July 3, 2010

Riding into the Sun.

Jan. 19th 1999

Riding into the sun

Riding into the sun
just like James Dean
My vision escapes me
now I got a gun
Free coffee in the cafeteria today
Pissed off that I cant watch the X-files
on FX when the show was actually good.
But Hey Chris Carter-"Hats off to Gillian and David"
How lame, I am out of pot
Big Lamo
Big downer in school and out of pot
I have always smoked pot
and never knew there to be
anything wrong with it

Reading Rimbaud catching up with it.
Trying to get an education
catching up with it
Need a smoke?
Be like James Dean
Had a dream last night about Dana Scully
we were running from
an alien nightmare
Mulder shrunk into a doll inside my pocket
"what did you do to Mulder? she asks
"what did you do to Mulder?"
I just keep thinking that I
loved him more than life itself
still doing the same thing
my heart lonely,
hanging on to its last breath
I may have outlived her.

Double fisted-"coffee and soda"
"I am happy to see you." she said
"Jesus or a gun" I asked her.
"both" she replied.
I said-"Be like James Dean"
"I cant" she said and slowly floated away,
I need weed.
Breath in, breath out
feed me with your french tickler
The field where I died
I want to get high so bad I can taste it.
Damn the needle.

"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."

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