Friday, July 9, 2010

etruscan lifetime

We were in Etrusca which was in ancient Italy during the 1200's. This was an important lifetime for some reason. WE were women that were sacred and lived and were worshiped in a temple. We were brought up to be sacrificed. We were also lesbians, which I believe that most of the sacred woman had other woman lovers for some reason. We were very in love but you were not with me for some reason. Maybe things were chosen for us, but anyway, we loved each other so much that finally we came together and merged and saved something really special spiritually and ruined their sacrifice and saved the planet from their evil plan. You see the NWO or whatever you want to call it has been around since Babylon and even before in Atlantis. When we had sex finally, it purified their sacrifice when I was sacrificed. It was real important. You are really good at seeing the lives so when you figure it out let me know ok sweetheart. Anyway we are really important and when we finally come together this lifetime something great is going to happen. We need to make a screenplay about our midevil lifetime and the civil war. It is super important, maybe even WWII. There is another ancient lifetime that has to do with Freakshow USA. The short part of it goes like this, our society figured out a way for two woman to have a baby. You were one of the mother's and Christy Trotter was the other. I was the baby. It had to do with some kind of temple tower or something, It was real deep and important and it is for you to figure ok. WE need to make a movie or something about it. It has to do with Freakshow and is Real and I mean real important. In that lifetime you were killed after I was born and so was Christy because another woman was jealous that she wasnt chosen to be the mother. I am carrying alot of pain from this one because I lost my two special mothers and it is no joke. I believe the souls of Joan Blondell and Betty Davis took care of me, but I remember being really fucked up over it. Anyway when this happened when you were killed it ruined something really special on the planet that had to do with woman and women's liberation and other important facts. This one is for you especially. You are so important. I fucking love you so much.

"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."

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