Thursday, July 1, 2010

Agent Mulder-Living in Chaos.

Agent Mulder, Living in Chaos
(partially transcribed)

There’s more to heaven than Mulder…
This coffee runs through me so fast that it keeps me on my toes.
MY poetry kills.
There’s more to me than creative insanity.
I can hide behind the wall
Not so much a guru but a lost chicken
Will she ever make it anywhere?
My back is falling apart.
I am a child and there is way too much homework to do
And not enough free heroin.
There is more to heroin than my agent Mulder
Your 12 stepping on my head
I do whatever the X-Files tell me to.
I get off on being fucked up.
They call me junkie Christ
And I just want to get paid
I feel your fire within my existence
Can my power save me now
Can my creativity save my Mulder
Drinking cough syrup to fill my famous void,
My famous nod
If I was famous I wouldn’t be in this mess
Burning out my brain I am perfect whole and complete.

Mulder and Scully sitting in a tree
There is no one I want to imitate
Practicing emotions from god
The visions, the poems
Are beautiful butterflyes
Coming off my canvas
Warrented, out for my arrest
Mulder and Scully are very both blessed.
Naked New York Homeless
How do we know when the road ends,
Does it ever, Do I ever really lose you?
There body’s are so temporate
Closed class is in session
Afraid of being homeless
This is the field where I died
Too bad she’s broken
Damn that painting
Breaking passionate girl
It’s all over and done
Up, up and away
Broken casket
Breathing to be alive
Could be because I am smoking
Drinking, coffee and killing time
Living of route 109

Is he giving me what I need
Still I have so many questions
Broken questions
Never becoming answered
Hidden behind all this
Earth plane cancer
Does any of this really exist?
Lower east side atomic bowling
It’s my body the earth plane body and it sometimes
Gets in the way.
Being buried on earth
My time is pasted
A battered dream of truth
Therefore through this broken dream
I do sit in hell
Its 2 am and I listening to Los Angeles
If it wasn’t for her, I’d be dead
She really talented and gifted
Though I want to believe in her
In her computer and yahoo.
Painted heroin nighttimes
Fainted heroin flat lines
Scully the believer
Mulder the clown
He’s a poet and I break my paint
I die a little each day every moment she is away.
Love is in my arms
(and my new tattoo)
Petty argumentative people
Have no resentment to forgive.

He means everything to me
It’s beautiful and I can take it
Time is a jailer
X-File reruns I am in jail.
Every time Mulder and Scully pull
A gun on each other drink
This is the field where I died
Once a long time ago in a suit of grey
Broken arrows—it isn’t ok.
I wish I could talk to her
I have so much to tell her
Mulder wont lose her
There are many mulder clones
The poet in me
I took a dive in his ocean
Just one kiss before you go
The X-Failed
And then I am dead
Broken homes and more broken dreams
Mulder and Scully want me dead.

The job is your habit
Getting high with Mulder
It aint so bad not being
Mentally obsesses addicted to heroin
My bones are breaking apart
From the methadone
She’s still on pot, but weaning
Ever so slowly to the ground
These cockroaches will kill you
In Mulder’s town.
I rode through Rhode Island last week,
Thought of Mulder
It rained that day
I was just running away
But always running back
If you cant learn from your past mistakes
There is never any learning
She is as stubborn as a mule
Him and his legs
Hey kim watch this
And how you were a latch key kid.

Not much changed as time passes by
Her orange is passing by me
Haunted by an old X.
In the fire that waters bloom
I sing this song to you
As the tides slowly weep0
I bring my paint to you
You my guru
I lay them at your feet and throw
A garland around your neck

He hangs up
She gets frustrated
I am humble at your feet my lord
All right I AM AGENT Dana Scully and I am a federal agent
Now everybody just calm down
I cant stand Mulder crawl into my body
Is that a hint of jealousy I hear in your voice
Hey Mulder thanks I can breath again
They are always so funny but oh so serious
Everybody loves Mulder
Artistcally I couldn’t be better
It is all pieces of you.
Scully kicks a hole in the sky.
It’s so cold in here
I am breaking out in a sweat
I don’t regret
You should see all the people I have met
There als just so pissed off
Mulder kicks a hole in the sky.,
They call me spooky, spooky mulder
That’s better
The real streets of Washington
Nothing changes on New Years Day.
Reinstatement of my X-File must
Be undeniable
They are Defaming my god within
I said a prayer to myself.

I couldn’t stay clean today
Oh what a day
I may be alone but I am bothered
Now Dana….Fox.
Mulder lies beyond the sea
Behind the field where I died
Here’s to when I was an Anasazi.
Skinner says-“Oh Mulder “humbug” Scully
Greets the ghosts who stole Christmas
Many people died on the piper maur
Mulder says he has a house for you.
Remembering the past, I screamed
I rejected god because nobody
Finished telling me who god was.
Safe and Broken
I am beaten to a pulp.

Walking along Washington Square
My design impaired
By my love
And punkrock
Greedy is the mind of another
It doesn’t get much better than this
I am walking along Washington Square
Lots of friends lost by drugs and recovery
Spitting in my eye
I said-“damn” and skated on through Washington Square.

Reeling in tender motions
I regret many of my life’s choices
I reject you so stay the fuck away from me.
Mulder tells Scully he would die for her
Scully cries.
I find myself on an internet chat room
Wherever I go.
My brain has been eaten away by heroin.
I smiled and everyone got happy.
I am only in this class for 30 minutes
And all ready I want out.

Sara Gilbert crowd control
Movie idea about Yale girl and star.
My story I get into Yale
I get deeply involved with a professor
The plot twist.
Shakespeare, love and hate.
She loses control at Yale with love
And friendship and learns a valueable lesson
Through it all.
Sex, money, drugs and Yale.
“You pay a price for a pipe dream.”
I just saw Clair Daines from a coffee shop window.

Uncle Jesus
I just got high off your body.
You pay a price for your mistakes.
It’s all the punkrock it’s my entire mistake.
Never let go of a dream.
Punkrock is ripping me to shreds.
Drugs destroy dreams.
Dyslexic heart.
I have no idea what just happened before
But I liked it
I can feel my body parts like I am tripping.
This coffee is ripping up my stomach
And millions of fans become aroused
Of Dana Scully and Fox Mulder in my pants
And everybody plays a part at Yale.
I am so glad to be off methadone
Her hands stroke my heart wildly.
I live in a town where no one smiles.
A love affair with New Haven CT.
Kimpunkrock pick’s her nose.
Kimpunkrock here come the heroin police
A new breed of terror-heroin.
Shit I have to take a piss.
I think about when I was in prison.
And I am bleeding from the heart.
The dream I had about the X-Files
Has fixed my torn apart heart.
The corridors of Yale,
Lab suit troubadours
Telling it like it is.

"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."

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