Saturday, July 3, 2010

Agent Mulder-Living in Chaos. Part 2 rest of book

Giving mulder head new York city
The lower east side
Queen Maragrita
The killer tomato
New haven rules
Loving life
The I only attitude sucks
This sucks
I did it for the money
Enigmatic Dana Scully
IT’s only the natural progression of life
The munks created coffee
The catholics said coffee is the drink of the devil.

Mulder’s Dream
In the field where I died
I swam to the surface
Broken and Battered
I dreamt of a woman
In a long black coat
Beyond the sea,
All souls go.
I felt a rush as she touched
My hand,
The woman in the long black coat
Came to be.
I had a dream.
It was one week,
It was the way she use to look at me.
Touch my hand and say-“Mulder”.
I love her; she is the moon, the stars
And the little green men.
Never again had I felt
Her sweet touch.
Then there is the woman
In the long black coat
I understand now, she is Scully.
I now understand who I saw that day
In the field where I died.
The woman with the long black coat
Raises her head, our love
Yet unfulfilled.
Demons in the X-files
Demons on the planet
Punkrock genocide
Degenerating mess
Satan in my life
My deep impact on the X-Files.
Whippets at Whillobys
In the bathroom,
Designed by John Flick
I shot up my ashes
And did the troubadour twist
Live everyday as if it was your last
On the prowl, sweating outstanding.
The breath on my face
Awoken me to be broken
FBI promises Did Mulder
Ever leave Scully
I heard they were partners
I burned my bridges
(under orders fropm God)
As fast as I could.
“They scream” he said
“cuz there having nightmares”
(the truth is out there)
She’s throwing fits cuz she has an answer
To the question we all ask.

Kicking Fox
IT’s the two parter
Everyone is making a mess
It’s my life and I don’t care
Lucky I checked my back pocket
Territorial picking
She’s defamed
Sings it all with an O and an X.
In everywhere possible I made many mistakes
Chances that I call my own.
At first word I did get tired.
My old ways cut me like a knife.
How the east village never
Leaves you though your 100 miles away
But in your mind you’re always right there.

Full Disclosure
Broken soul
Heated disagreements
Failed innuendos
Battered and beated
I tore apart my art.
Waiting for an answer
Give me a sign
I am living by own design
Not going to be with the monster guide
Waiting for the next big parade
Laughing my ass off at staying clean.
Full Disclousure
I think I lost my face
It’s all right when I am doing it
And your not but when it’s
The other way around
You gotta love it
Pot head junkies
Keeping their distance.

Well we are all one
It has me tapped out
I want your cliché
Juices all over me
You call me here
To warn me of the truth
Though she does not listen
As a matter of fact your in
The body on the earth plance
Intense jealousy of the god within
Bitten by a nasty bug
Thrown away like a pawn
In the chess game of life.
On the internet juices of life’s reading
Mulder and Scully getting off on it
Internet chat room
Tomorrow I am playing basketball
With Jim Douchvey
Thinking about Nico and nothing at all
At the same time.
Wearing a black onyx bitten
By the Sara Gilbert bug
I just keep thinking about how
It could all be different
At this jack off school
Is giving me a hangover reality

Courtyard Christina
Ran into her
Though I thought it was her
But still unsure of it myself
Too busy walking after my gunner’s mate
A floating swan spoke to me in parables.
I thought it was you
But again she is in Italy
And I am walking after her.

Have some compassion
The business is upon us
Bringing you my medals
In a flag drapped coffin
We use to be the nephilim
Circus freaks and side show attractions
Boundless energy,
Boundless love
I love you and its jesus or a gun.

X-Files Orgy
Five people in the internet chat room
A user’s room
They start to cyber
4 girls enjoying each other
For the first time
One man enjoying himself
Welcome to 0our X-files orgy
She rode her,
She rode him
She fondled her and she rode her
4 girls enjoying each other
For the first time
It took place in an internet chat room.

Thinking of you (for nico)
So far away for me to hold
My hands paint the broken vision
Two models hidden in the back streets
Of a small suburban transit system
That has not run in years.
Two broken poems
My dysfunctional life
My best friend, she’s gone,
Left my life.
My words,
My pens,
This emotional strife.
The world is a wonderful place
Painful to leave all of this behind
Blind to the master within myself
My poetry, love and the paintings of her memory
Cant die,
Leave all of this behind
I am so alone
I could scream.

Playing for her
My youthful innocence
I would not let you go
She went the other way with it
We still would not let her go
All she knows is how it makes me feel
I lost all my money
I lost all your sleep overs
Talk to me baby, I missyou.

Why I am doing this
Why do I want to over dose
Die, doing heroin,
I might cry.
She cries because she wants to be a guy
Maybe then someone will love her
Her dreams,
Her passions can be fulfilled
She wants to make a woman happy
Take care of all her needs
She wants to be a guy
Not lonely anymore
I want you to talk to me
I miss our sex.
I went crazy without you.
I wanted you to let me in,
Let me stay with you
Please love me
And fix the god within.

"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."

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