Friday, January 29, 2010

How to fight the New World Order non-violently.

The only way to successfully fight the New World order without violence is to tap into the light of the god within us and anchor that light to the planet. To anchor your light and bring it forward you need to follow the path of love, righteousness, compassion, joy, understanding and self-empowerment. When you self empower yourself you empower the world. Every little thought, word and deed we carry forth effects the entire planet. If you are always having negative thoughts, doing bad deeds and talking shit to people you are only helping the cause of the New World Order.

The New World Order operate of the freque3ncy of the darkness, us patriots, freedom fighters, people like Alex Jones and David Icke all operate of the frequency of the light. There is LITERALLY a war going on between the light and the dark for this planet. It has been going on for 1000's upon 1000's upon 1000's of years. Negative thoughts and bad deeds are actions of the darkness. Positive thoughts and good deeds are actions of the light. Which side are you on.

If you are a Christian follow the teachings of Jesus, not the bible itself. If Jesus said it, then follow it. If you have no religion just pray to the god within you to bring you into the light so you can fight the New World Order. there are very few of us that know that this is the way to fight them, by using the incredible light of god within us to wipe out the darkness of the new World Order. I cannot do this by myself. I am one of the only ones in America that know this hidden secret. I cant do it on my own. I need an army of light workers and people that want to fight the new World Order anyway they can to learn to use the god within you and fight with the light.

many, many, Many years ago in America, an important group of Native American shamans and warriors got together from all over the country. there were no phones back then so the call when out telepathically from a very powerful shaman who anchored in the light that kept the New World Order out of America before Columbus even existed. Other Shamans and other Indians from all over the nation heard his call telepathically and went out west to the meetings. Many, many, many people showed up, all bringing something to contribute to the gathering. These native Americans fought the New World order with the spiritual power of their light. they were successful and held them back another few hundred years. Why do you think the New World Order slaughtered the red man anyway they could. They knew what happened hundreds of years ago and they were going to make damn sure that it didnt happen again. The Indians were taken out on purpose BECAUSE of their spiritual power. The New World Order wanted America and it took them hundreds of years to get it.

We need to do the same thing that these Indians did so many hundreds of years ago. We all have that same spiritual power and light within us. Doing this might not win the war but it is going to bring us very close to wining it and I am not joking. We need the power of the light within us all to crush the dark frequency they are operating on. What happens when you turn on a light in dark room? The darkness disappears. it is the same with spiritual darkness. Turn on the light and you dissipate the darkness. We need more people to do this. it is time to become a real warrior of light, hope and change. Use the god within you to live in the light and fight them in the spiritual plane, this is where it must be fought in to avoid more senseless violence which is exactly what they love and want.

Come you can do it, change your thoughts, words and deeds to positive ones and you throw a bomb at the New World Order.

Take care

"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."

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