Friday, January 22, 2010

My Angels and Demons

Ever since I was a little kid I had a spiritual awakening that my parents instantly tried to kill with the doses of low self esteem they fed me as I grew up a serious tomboy. I was a very awakened little kid until my parents darkness swallowed me up and tragic things started to happen to me. My parents did not have any religion or enlightenment in their souls at all. They dont even believe in a god, which is completely different than myself.

I lost most of whatever spiritual awakening I had into high school. I grew up so awkward with my mom teaching me to hate myself that by the time my 2nd year in high school ended I was Frankenstein monster. On the outside I was what everyone wanted me to be. On the inside I was crushed. My first great love was with this the boy who got me into punk and hardcore music. We met the summer before we were freshmen. He had just moved to my town with his dad. I loved him so much. But because my mom made me hate myself and my human sexuality, I was never able to tell him how I felt. It all ended tragically with him trying to kill himself over our unspoken love. It wasnt until years later after I moved back from NYC in 94 that we professed our love to each other and finally consummated our love. It was perhaps the best day of my life so far.

In 1993 I moved to New York City and I met the person that woke me back up spiritually and it was for good. Unfortunately when she woke me up, she fell back to sleep and is just now finally getting back her spiritual awakening, mostly because I keep "hitting her over the head" with the truth that she once taught me. Our relationship also ended tragically if it really ever ended at all. I left New York City and we fell apart. I left New York City in 94 to get away from heroin. When I got back my spiritual power I realized that I was here for a very important purpose even if everyone around me didn't notice it.

When I officially started my spiritual path in 1994 I realized I had some power angels and Alien friends in other dimensions. At the same time I realized I had some demons and negative aliens hanging around them. I am such an old soul that I have karma with both my angels and my demons. This lifetime is for destroying those demons and keep them from hurting the planet anymore. call it the devil if you want to but the devil and satan are not the only demons that exist on our planet. But my angels are the important part of this blog.

I have had my life saved about 9 times now. Recently in a big way with my accident in New York City this past December. Since that happened I have even awakened more than I was before the accident. I know now for a fact I am here for a very important reason and that I love a certain someone for a very important reason also. I have loved the same person since 1993. When god made our souls, he made us as one for a grand experiment to see what happens when two souls travel just about their whole existence together. Our story is a long beautifully tragic novel that doesnt have the ended yet. When I have the ending I am going to publish the most beautiful story of love you will ever read. Even better than Doctor Zhivago.

Having my life saved this Christmas has reinvigorated my purpose here in this universe. It has been a struggle these past few weeks but it has only made me stronger. I now know for a fact that I was saved for a very important reason and that I am needed on this planet for not only myself and my loved one, but for all of humanity. I am so of the light I literally want to be like Jesus, without a religion being created around me, to heal the pain of America. The United States needs an avatar like Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Sai Baba (the current avatar in India) and the Dali lama. BUT as I said I DO NOT want a religion being created around me, I just want to impart the light of god and heal this countries pain because we have A LOT of it because of all the wars that we were tricked into fighting by men on both sides seeking destruction and profit. Every veteran of the 20th and 21st century need to be healed.

I have a long way to go before I am like Jesus and an avatar. There is a long spiritual fight ahead of me but I am up to the task. I almost died and that would of made the forces of darkness very happy. As a matter of fact I believe that this happened because they wanted to take me out. Powerful Greek god like beings can manipulate certain forces and matter to take someone out. I dont really know if this is fact but what happened to me in New York City was a fucked up fluke. Did my angels let me down by letting this happen? Hell no! They saved my life. there is a spiritual war going on for this planet between the dark and light. Remember this every time you have a negative thought or do something bad to someone. When you do that, you are creating weapons of bad karma for the dark to use against all of us. We all need to have a spiritual awakening and know that GOD is within us too. WE are children of god hence we are god and goddesses we have just been lulled back to asleep to forget who we really are. Be like Jesus if you are any kind of Christian. If you dont like religion discover the god within you because we are pieces of god and we have the same power as him. We create our lives everyday without even thinking about it. Our thoughts are creating this entire planet and the way it is going.

By using the power of light and goodness, we can create peace on this planet. Everyone needs to take part in this spiritual war by helping ever and hurting never. Our thoughts create our entire reality. make those thoughts loving towards yourself and others. By doing this we can create heaven on Earth. Join the army of light and love. Follow the constitution because it is really important and it is being taken away from us. We need to fight the forces of darkness that have taken control of our government. We need to fight them by changing our lives from a negative one to a positive one. Violence begets violence and this country could handle taking up arms against an army that could wipe us all out in a few seconds. Plus as Americans we would have a huge issue with living without things like energy and water, which happens to places ravaged by war. Our souls, all of them are all ravaged by war, from the soldiers that died to the women that killed themselves over the loss of their husbands. Past lives is a fact and people need to wake up about them. Jesus taught about them but it was taken out of his teachings by the Romans who tought they could control us better if thought that this life was all we had. Before this, even non-Christians knew the truth about past lives. Our spiritual power was stripped by the Romans.

The Romans imprisoned the followers of Jesus to write down the scriptures. The Romans had tight control over what was put in their version of the bible. So much was taken out that if Christians all found out the truth about what was done with Jesus's and the previous profits teachings, their would be a revolution. This is why the Vatican doesnt fess up about past lives and other hidden teachings of Jesus, they dont want a revolution because they are afraid of losing their power. The Vatican is in Rome for a serious reason. Jesus was real, the bible is mostly contrived to control us and throughout the dark ages the Church did control everyone in Europe and I mean pretty much everyone.

I am here as a beacon of light and I am calling everyone to be like me and be a beacon of light yourselves. Have Compassion, understanding, live in joy, be in the moment instead of worrying about the past or future, self empower yourself in whatever way you see fit and watch out for your ego. The ego is made up of all of our negative emotions and thoughts. the ego also has a good side to it and try to discover that side. The good side of the ego contains within it your self-love that most of us were taught not to have because our teachers were not taught to have self love either. It is a vicious cycle that we all need to break free of. Without loving yourself first unconditionally, you cannot love another the same way and we all need to love each other unconditionally like brothers and sisters.

My angels are so powerful and I love them so much. I humbly kneel to them for not only saving my life, but for all the love and light they depart to me. I pray to them to impart love and light to my loved one in New York City. By helping her you are not only helping me but the universe. She is also very special and important just like me. When we are together our light shines brighter than the sun and this country needs the light of our love for each other. Thank you so much for your love. Please help me so I can help my country. I love you divine mother and I love you god.

Take care of yourselves and each other,


"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."

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