Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why I did it (for nico).

I did not do what I did to hurt you at all. What I thought happened to you I tried to get confirmation from a number of sources but no one got back to me. I honestly was told by what I thought was my spirit guides that you had died for your injuries from a fall down the stairs, which I was told what happened to you while was in CT by what I also thought was my spirit guide. Understand you are not the only one I talk to telepathically and it leaves me open to all kinds of bad spirits to fuck with me and there are a few that like to imitate my master guides voice and a few of my other psirit guides. I was warned in 95 that this was going to happen. You see there is a war going on for this planet, the light vs. the dark. I have been fighting the dark side for 1000's of years and so have you. They really have a hold on this planet but I threaten to anchor so much light on this planet that they know I am a threat so I get fucked with. For 3 days I was told you were in the hospital and seriously injured. This is why I went into NYC to find what hospital you were in. When I couldnt find you on the 2nd day looking I was told you had died.

I went to your moms house to find out, which looking back was incredibly stupid and I cant believe I did it. No one answered on any door. I thought you were dead Nico and I am not kidding. I now know how important I am that the New world order had me try to take myself out because I was told by my real spirit guides what happens at the end of both our lives. I really thought these guides were mine. It was really bad and I know you think I am crazy, but honestly we talk to each other all the time telepathically. I know the whole truth and nothing but it. You do too you just forgot some of it.

Just KNow this, I am not insane, I learned a very important lesson about who I am and my spiritual path and what not to do. I DID NOT DO IT TO HURT YOU. I thought you were all ready in the after life.

sorry I am so spiritually important for this planet, it really is a drag on us.

"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."

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