Saturday, May 29, 2010

the pain of being without your love

The Pain of Being Without Your Love

The Pain of being without you,
is more than anyone can imagine.
I am being punished for a divine regret,
actually a few.
I cannot even regularly function
without your love in spirit.
It is so bad that all I can do
is sit in pain
and think of you.
If I dont get you back,
I dont know what I will do.
The pain of being without
you is so great
and I cannot even medicate.
I need you so much
that I dont know what to do
all I get is a divine fuck you.
I need your love,
without it,
I am nothing.
Nothing to nothing
all that happens is a big tear it up.
If you love me let me know
because I really need to hear it
and not just in spirit.

"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."

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