Monday, May 10, 2010

I love you, miss you and thank you!

dear Nico,

Thank you so much for the help you have been giving me in spirit and for the dream last night. Everything is so messed up but I hope in god and the universe to set things right someday. I am so grateful for last night. It helped me and my family so much. My thoughts, and spirit is being so messed with. Any thought that is negative toward you is not my own. I wish this wasnt happening and there is no way I deserve this and either do you, but because of our famous past lives, who we are and my mistake in 93 I am being destroyed in spirit. When I talk about my mistake in 93 what I mean is that if I hadnt of made that mistake this wouldnt be happening right now. No matter what I love you unconditionally. We are both being manipulated in spirit and it is awful. Just hold tight to your girlfriend and pray for our souls.

I wish I could still send you flowers on your birthday. I am sorry about those emails. They were dumb and out of line. I didnt throw myself away for you. I was manipulated to do so. What happened in NYC was setting up what is happening now. It seems everytime I try to tell the truth about what is happening, things get worse but you know what I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

Our world war two lifetime means so much to me and so does the civil war and world war one. I am so stuck in WWII and it helps me so much. It gives me strength. I miss you so much. The biggest mistake I made was leaving NYC in 94. I miss you so much. I love you so much. Thanks again for everything for the help and being my angel. God bless you.


ps. none of this is your fault. If someone is hurting you in spirit and the one who is stealing my past lives tells you its me, he is lying so bad. He can manipulate everything and anything. I would never hurt you in spirit or anyway at all. I just wanted you to know that because I know he hurts you and lies and says its because of me, let me tell you right now it isnt. He does the same thing to me, hurts me so bad and says its because of you. Well I know it isnt.

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