Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Johnny Got His Gun

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Dalton Trumbo's Johnny Got His Gun was released on DVD yesterday. My mom pre-ordered it for me so I got it in the mail today. The DVD is awesome, with tons of special features including the documentary Dalton Trumbo-Rebel in Hollywood, interview with Timothy Bottoms, behind the scene's footage, Metallica's music video from the late 80's for the song "One" featuring tons of scene's from the movie, vintage article (1971) from American Cinematographer, commentary and original trailer. It also comes with an 18" by 21" replica of the original movie poster which is really, really cool.

This intensely anti-war movie is based on the novel by Dalton Trumbo and has been controversial from the first day the book hit the streets. the movie was equally controversial, coming out at a time when America was suffering from it's illegal, justified on a lie, war in Vietnam. We are now fighting another illegal war based on more lies as this DVD comes out. This movie is more relevant then ever! If you haven't seen it, you must!

The movie is about a WWI recruit that loses his arms, legs, ability to talk or communicate and so much more. Featuring flash backs of his life through dreams, we see what life was like for this soldier before the war cost him everything. It also deals with doctors in the war doing experiments on patients. the movie is haunting, sometimes painful to watch and extremely important. The government was extremely afraid of Dalton Trumbo, who was blacklisted during the CIA witch hunts of the 1950's. Making the movie was sweet revenge on the criminals that ran our govt then and still run it now.

This DVD is definitely worth the almost 20 dollar price tag.

"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."

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