Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The gov't knew about Pearl Harbor, It was a manipulated event.

Unfortunately there is a huge conspiracy that has come out from declassified documents that FDR, who was a big hero of mine, and other members of the govt/Elite knew 10 days before that Japan was going to attack Pearl Harbor. It was one of the plans set out by European leaders to get the US involved in the war. All of this is true and is from declassified documents from the USA and Europe. A bunch of criminals sat around at a table sometime after world war one and set forth a document containing a list of ways to entice the world into another war. One idea they came up with was to manipulate Germany, put Hitler in power, create the German war machine to take on the League of Nations and then implement their eugenics program. Another point listed in their document was that in order to get the USA involved in another outside European war, there needed to be an attack on USA soil, most likely by the Japanese on the west coast. The document admitted that it was going to take a huge catalyst event to get the mothers to send their sons to war after the last slaughter the USA was dragged in, which by the way was also caused by this ruling elite that still rules us today!!!!!!!

In the months leading up to the attack, the allied powers and the USA harassed Japan with sanctions and covert 'pre-entry into the war' missions against the Japanese in China and elsewhere. World War Two was a planned event by the criminal ruling elite (the people behind the scenes that run our govt and the govt's of Europe and now the world, the "shadow people", the "shadow govt".) to further their plans of a one world gov't. Which they are now trying to implement and have been announcing the "new world order" since the G20 Summit meetings in March of 2009.

All of this and more shocking details of the manipulation of our lives behind the scenes can be found online by using google. Some of the families involved in this were the Bush's (yes those Bush's. Google Prescott Bush grandfather of GWBush and father of GHWBush, funded the nazi war machine), The Rockefellers, The Rothschild's and many more unnamed/named families/people.

In the late 1990's another group of men sat at a table, including Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, etc. They came up with a document called "The Project for a New American Century". In this document they listed ways to start a new war in the middle east, among other things (google Project for a New American Century and you can see the entire sick document). They said that it would take a "Pearl Harbor" type event to get the American people to stand behind another war in the Middle East. A few years later, after these same guys are now in power of the United States, 9-11 happened. What did Bush call 9-11, he called it- "Our Pearl Harbor".

My ancestors have fought in every war of the last 300 years. I am very insulted and angry about how our lives have been manipulated by a handful of greedy, evil men so that they could consolidate power and control all of our resources. We have been controlled by them for over 2000 years. This all goes back to Babylon, Rome, Midevil Europe. These "families" have manipulated many wars, famines, diseases, poverty, etc. all over the world. America was never given her freedom after the Revolutionary War. The British just remained in control behind the scenes. George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were working in part for England. They were manipulated to do what they did to keep America in the hands of the crown without the people knowing it. All of this stuff has been kept hidden from us for many years. But now the Truth is out there. Nothing in history or the present happens by accident. It is all being controlled by the puppet master. Wake up dont be a puppet anymore.

For more info on truth go to these sites:
Beware the rabbit hole goes deep.


also on google video watch these documentaries:

The Obama Deception -Movie about who controls Obama and all the other presidents.

David Icke at the Oxford Debating Society



Police State 1, 2 and 3

America-Freedom to Fascism

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Fabled Enemies

and many, many more.

I am angry that our families souls have died and suffered over many lifetimes to further their agenda of control and greed. I want justice for the dead and myself.

God Bless.



The Truth is out there.

"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."


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