Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Spiritual War-The Frontline is everywhere. Chapter One

The Spiritual War-The Frontline is everywhere.

By KimPunkRock

Chapter One

It's a spiritual war, first and foremost. The most important part of this war is the spiritual part because it is the one that sets up and puts into place all the rest of it, everything that effects our lives. It is no coincidence that at an early age we are taught to NOT love ourselves and to treat each other like dirt. The Holy Spirit has left the planet and it has nothing to do with any religious manipulation from the bible.

Many people will try to deny the truth when they first hear it because of the spiritual war. Picture a demon in the spirit world behind the person denying the truth telling them not to believe it and you will get a dramatic picture of what one level of the spiritual war is about.

In order to more easily understand the spiritual war you have to understand the TRUTH about reincarnation. Up until Christianity took a fascist hold in the early middle ages, reincarnation was a way of life. it was well known that this life was not all that their was. Many people would hold posts due to the post they held in a previous life. Nobody thought that much about it until the 3rd century AD when a Roman Emperor after Constantine decided he could control the population easier if he outlawed and wiped out the truth about reincarnation. he figured that if people thought that this life was all that their was, then he could control them better because people would not want to lose the only life they think they have. It was then that the intense manipulation against the truth began. He had every mention of past lives in the bible stripped from its pages. Christianity from here on out became a literal "prison" religion. It was used by the elite of the time to manipulate people into servitude and it worked.

But the knowledge of reincarnation and past lives survived through eastern religions and the wisdom passed down within tribes. As most of the population of the planet was tricked into thinking that this life was all that their was, the ruling elite knew damn well about reincarnation. It is ONE of the reasons they have always been so obsessed with marrying within the same bloodlines-it gave them a better chance to incarnate within the same MONEY circles in order to stay in power. While the rest of us were being manipulated these shadow souls were keeping the truth about reincarnation to themselves. They knew the power the truth gave them and they did not want to share it and as time when on, when one of us would wake up, a literal war would start over it. The shadow souls as I like to call them have been manipulating our souls for a very, very long time. This drama does not just play out on the earth plane, but on other planets as well.

Most of us born in the United States today are old souls. I know that my soul has been here since the beginning, since the Garden of Eden and even before that. We are the same creators that once created everything on this planet moved by the god within us to create heaven on earth. I was told by a channel once that I was one of the souls that created sun flowers. Since my whole life I had been surrounded my sunflowers and there was no way for the channel to know this, it made complete sense to me.

We are way more than you can even imagine. We can literally create what we need and want out of thin air, if only we can take back our power from the forces manipulating us from behind the scenes. There is so much to the spiritual war that it would take blogs upon blogs to explain it all to you and even then I would not be able to even tell it all since I dont even know it all yet. But I do know a lot more than most people. It is my purpose this lifetime to fight this spiritual war on stage instead of behind the scenes. It is really important that those that know how to fight this spiritual war for the light need to start getting afoot with what needs to be done.

This is the end of part 1.

"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."


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