Saturday, June 6, 2009

Half Price Books Lament.

There is a store I frequent here in Seattle called Half Price Books. I am constantly getting DVD's and history books on clearance for 3 dollars and less. I spend quite a bit of money at this store each month. The past 2 weeks I noticed that there had not been any new clearance DVD's except for double copies of things that were all ready there. I noticed that a lot of things I had noticed on the shelves were gone and should of been in the clearance section. Well tonight I got my answer.

An employee, who happens to be an asst. manager, was purchasing a whole, huge box of all clearance DVD's. Including ones off the shelves that I had wanted to buy. Most were marked down for 1 dollar. Now they just started marking stuff down for a dollar. Usually it was 3 or 2. This mother fucker and stored up almost all of the new clearance DVD's from the last week. I imagine that he also did it the week before. I got to this store almost every day. I know how things work there and I know what he was doing. I was really pissed off. This didn't seem fair to me. he could take whatever he wanted off the shelf and mark it down. With his 20 percent discount that is pretty much stealing. I am going to have a talk with the head manager tomorrow morning.

This dude is a little pompous ass and I want to make sure that he is not allowed to do this. It just doesn't seem fair to me. Those clearance items are for the customers, not for him. I can see him buying 10 or even 20, but a whole box of 30 or 40! The dude has a fucking nerve. I hope he loses his job. I am sick of places that you spend a lot of money at each month not treating you with decent kindness and respect. The past 4 weeks I have had issues with people in that store, usually not of my own volition. Stores like this should reward their good customers, not do them dirty. But unfortunately is this day and age of corporatetocracy all that matters is the all mighty dollar. We truly live in a sick society.

"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."

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