Thursday, May 15, 2008

Think Good Thoughts For The World

Two catastrophes happening in the world a week or so apart has really opened my eyes even more than they were before. The last few years has really felt like the end times. Starting with Hurricane Katrina, the terrorist attack in England, the Tsunami in Thailand, the collapse of the bridge in Minneapolis, the Cyclone in Burma and now the earthquake in China. Not counting the 100's that are dying everyday in Iraq, Darfur and other places around the globe. The last few years have been a slaughter. Worse than I ever remembered.

Tonight I cannot sleep, even though I have an early doctors appointment in the morning, I am afraid to close my eyes. Seattle is on a fault line very much like China's. They have been predicting a big earthquake for Seattle the past 100 or so years. It is not a question of if it will hit, but when it will hit. Some time between now and the next 150 years. My building is situated on a cliff over looking interstate 5 and Puget Sound. My building was made of brick and mortar in the 1960's. I asked my manager about it and he said-"If the big one hits, put your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye." He was totally serious and I live in public housing. None of the Seattle Public Housing buildings are up to code.

So now what do I do. I am not forced to live here although my finances make it so I could not move out right away. Do I have to live in a city that is destined to crumble, no. Should I run for this reason, I don't know. My dad said not to worry about it but I cannot help it. I keep feeling the aftershocks of a world in turmoil, a world that is falling apart. Why are us Americans so lucky? How long will our luck hold out. I am just going to think good thoughts for the world and pray to the divine mother, the divine spark that creates us, destroys us and is something way beyond my understanding.

Please join me in thinking good thoughts because the end truly is near.
Force of Change, bring us into the light.
Save us all from this plight.
Help me help the world.
I want to heal the pain of humanity so let me heal myself.

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Ollie said...

KPR, one of my pleasures of living in 'this modern world' is seeing TV documentaries give us new views of the ocean (BLUE PLANET), or the heavens, or the Little Ice Age that drove a lot of Europeans into North America.

Or the tales of the massive Missouri-centric earthquake in the early 1800s. "It caused the Mississippi to run backwards!" Now THAT is almost as calamitous in scope as LA's fall into the Pacific, or Phoenix's new "beach front condos".

In a way, I find it comforting to realize no place is safe from Mother Nature. We've more than tripled the Earth's population and mayhe the planet "needs" a thorough cleansing. Does that help any? ha ha...

Or maybe slap yourself on the wrist and say, "Shame on me! My reactions are why we have gov't cover-ups - they always preach that People will panic if they know The Truth! People can't HANDLE The Truth!"

I don't believe that. I think The Truth can be in everyone's individual and collective best interests. That said, I also don't think we KNOW The Truth. We have beliefs that most humans confuse with "knowledge", and the more certain some human is about their 'knowledge', the more bad vibes I pick up from them.