Tuesday, July 6, 2010

see me in the civil war

Here are some pictures of me in a put together civil war uniform. I thought you might enjoy seeing me in the civil war. That war was really deep for us and my name was Robert DeLouary. In the Civil War I took you to NYC on a train. WE lived in Alabama. WE went to NYC to see a singer that you wanted to see. at first I didnt want to take the long trip but I took it for you. When we got there I had so much fun and it really awoken me to the beauty of music. It created in me a deep love for music. It didnt create the punk rocker in me but it was a big reason why you awoken the punk rocker back in me. The singer was Annie Lenox, well her in a past life. On the way home we made love like mad the WHOLE way home and I mean the WHOLE way home. It was a HUGE reason we incarnated in NYC in the next 3 lifetimes. WWI, WWII, this life for you and my last lifetime. That night we first kissed and you put on Annie Lenox, well sweetie that was the reason. That was the deep and I mean deep reason for it. If I wasnt such a drunken jackass, that truly was too drunk too fuck, I truly believe that we would still be together. I was so happy and had so much fun at the concert that I bought you so many gifts after the concert including a broach, a mink stole, a diamond ring, a bracelet, flowers, a necklace and a diamond tiara. We were rich and I mean rich. I saw our house the other night in a vision, it was immense. Meditate on this, it is a great memory for you sweetheart and since you live in NYC and our the queen of NYC.

"Wars May Come and Wars May Go But Art Is Forever."

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